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    hey im new and wanted to introduce myself.

    im solarenergy from maldives
    big fan of mangas anime and videogames
    favourite mangas onepiece naruto fairytail
  2. [Discussion] Re: Who would win GARP vs. Blackbeard w/ GGNM? Support Answer

    as strong as garp is i dont think he is strong enough to take on blackbeard simply because he posses two of the strongest dfs in op
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    Re: Strongest Mages?

    1 makarov
    2 gildarts
    3 laxus
    4 mistgun
    5 mira
    6 erza

    top 6 for me from fairy tail giuld
  4. Poll: Re: Quarterfinals: Match 3: Blackbeard vs. Gol D. Roger

    we might not have seen roger fight bt roger is definetly much stronger than bb. whitebeard in his prime was the only one able to go toe to toe with him there is no way bb can beat roger
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