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  1. Re: Fairy Tail 136 Discussion / 137 Prediction

    I don’t think so
    just because he’s good at gathering information doesn’t mean he’s a traitor
    Angel is the information gatherer in the OS (she can see into peoples souls after all)
  2. Re: Fairy Tail 136 Discussion / 137 Prediction

    Wow Gerard isn’t dead
    OS probably want his power to either unseal or hold nirvana (having a living vessel to embody its power maybe)
    I really hope that Gerard doesn’t join fairy tail that would...
  3. [Favorites] Re: Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    I would have to say Ulquiorra- I find the whole emo thing HOT!!! especially in his second release :D
    his whole curiosity with the human heart and emotions makes him adorable as well lol
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    [Discussion] Re: DGM Hang Out Thread

    it mentions it here:)
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: DGM 179 Discussion / 180 Predictions

    omg what a badass chapter i'm so please its finally back!!!!!!!!!!
    timothy’s innocence was a lot better than what i ever could have ever imagined
    cant wait till next week to timothy kick arse
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    [Chapter] Re: Claymore 86 Discussion/87 Predictions

    Wow what a weird chapter.
    I really hope the figure heading towards the town is a black cloak followed by Alicia and Beth (would be ace to see their battle finally kick off).
    Also was it just me...
  7. Sticky: Re: What's your favorite battle in Bleach so far?

    1.byakuya vs zommari
    2.rukia vs aroniero
    3.yumichika vs charlotte (was soooooo ace) this was probably one of the most funniest battles in bleach but was also deadly serious at the same time and I...
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    Re: Fairy Tail 106 Discussion / 107 Prediction Thread

    Rather than seeing Glidartz revealed so soon I would rather see more of mist gun in action and see the type of magic he uses.
    I’m hoping we get to see more of Miria in this arc and see if she still...
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    Re: Fairy Tail 106 Discussion / 107 Prediction Thread

    Wow I think a decent plot is brewing (for once) the three mages look really cool but there again so did trinity raven and only ikaruga ended up being decent.
    If Luxus is really planning going...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: DGM 175 Spoiler Thread

    Wow this chapter just looks crap, the little kid was extremely ugly and a level 4 looks exactly the same as the other one "great". I just hope hoshino remembers how powerful the level 4 is meant to...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 517 Spoiler Discussion

    If Luffy does learn how to use haki and can incorporate it into an attack e.g. haki arms, it may serve the purpose of actually being able to deal damage to a logia user.
  12. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 103 (END)

    I can’t believe they decided to end it, I will never understand some people.
    All tough I suppose the last episode was quite good I hope they decide to resume it one day.
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    Re: Fairy Tail 102 Discussion / 103 Prediction Thread

    Wow Urtear being behind all of Gerard craziness was quite a twist.
    Zeref being sealed away is somewhat predictable but leads me to think that maybe it was the dragons that did it, or maybe he...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: DGM 172 Discussion / 173 Prediction Thread

    wow this chapter seems to be getting back to how it was in the old days (before everyone started dying).
    i really hope emila is a new exorcist with some sort of mind control abilities.
    btw are they...
  15. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 98

    This episode was great but it also reminded me why i hate the skulls so much.
    Although it did quite slow in some places e.g. the generals attacking was way slower than in the manga.
  16. Re: Fairy Tail 97 Discussion / 98 Prediction Thread

    ooo quite a good chapter
    Natsu was really pissed at the end I hope he beats the crap out of Gerard next week.
    oh yeah and at last Shimon died, all he did was get beaten up anyway.
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 319 Discussion/320 Predictions

    This chapter was just a waste of time although yumichika did make me laugh
    I’m really starting to get annoyed now; kubo seems to be just prolonging things for as long as possible. Maybe now he is...
  18. Re: Fairy Tail 96 Discussion / 97 Prediction Thread

    This chapter was great but what the hell was going on with Gerard’s outfit, I actually thought he looked quite sexy in his previous outfit.
    I loved the fact that fairy tails talent for destroying...
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    Poll: [Anime] Re: Naruto Shippuuden ep. 67

    This episode was great especially when sakura punched that man/woman in the stomach that scream she made was just a cherry on top.XD
    The animation seems to be improving hell of a lot as well.
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    [Discussion] Re: DGM 167 Discussion/168 Predictions

    I feel so sorry for allen in this chapter especially when he wandered if mana actually loved him :(
    Did anyone notice that Allen seemed pretty calm when he was told that he had to kill someone close...
  21. Re: Fairy Tail 95 Discussion / 96 Prediction Thread

    This chapter was quite good but now I’m confused, what was Urtear doing? Is she dead?
    It was quite dramatic when Natsu decided to punch Erza in the stomach, although it went against is character...
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    [Discussion] Re: DGM 167 Spoiler Thread

    wow who would have thought about cross hugging allen that’s the cutest thing ever XD
    ooo I really cant wait for this chapter now.
  23. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: DGM 166 Discussion/167 Predictions

    Wow this chapter was great
    I felt so sorry for Allen with his shocked face at the end, but I loved the fact that we got to see Mana (at last) and really wasn’t expecting him to be like that.
  24. Re: Fairy Tail 94 Discussion / 95 Prediction Thread

    Wow this chapter jumped into things allot quicker then expected but was quite good.
    I don’t think he will have fairy tail with him, maybe erza but I can see Lucy, Gray and Luvia coming...
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    [Discussion] Re: DGM 166 Spoiler Thread

    omg Mana looks really ugly and freaky. (I hate clowns)
    As for Allen possessing the 14ths memories I think that everyone here can say that it was quite predictable I mean it has been hinted for along...
  26. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who here likes Raki as a character in the story?

    I used to hate Raki the most in claymore (even more that Ophelia) but after the time skip and seeing him speaking to Rena has changed my mind on him completely and now can actually be a bit comical,...
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    [Discussion] Re: How are the Yomas created??

    I think it all ready stated in the chapter that miria believes that yoma are created from within the org. I could only come up with one theory that they were once humans, but then if this was the...
  28. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 91

    wow this is the best episode of d.gray-man ever it was so amazing, although it did seem a bit to slow in places.
    Can’t wait for next week’s XD
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    Sticky: Re: Post All "What Chapter / Episode...?" Questions Here

    I was just wandering what chapter was it that all the vice captains were introduced
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    [Discussion] Re: DGM 165 Discussion/166 Predictions

    I cannot see Cross dying off right now he has way too much to offer and killing him off when he hasn’t even been in the manga for 50 chapters would just be a waste of a whole arc. However I can see...
  31. Re: Why didnt Teresa fought the abissal ones?

    We have no proof that Teresa had partially awakened and even if she did this does not mean to say that she would have joined the other abyssal ones, Clare has come in contact with riful and has not...
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    [Discussion] Re: DGM 165 Discussion/166 Predictions

    Allen looked hot and so did Lenalee (not a lesbian)
    I really feel sorry for Allen having to wear that seal on his arm, he isn’t even complaining about it. I really can’t wait till next week to see...
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    [Chapter] Re: Claymore 81 Discussion / 82 Prediction

    This chapter was amazing, I felt quite sorry for rune but Riful looks as awesome as ever. Next chapter we might actually be able to see what riful has in store for claymores with good yoki sensing...
  34. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Claymore Spoiler and Spoiler Discussion Thread

    That’s just great we wait all this time to see what rune looks like and what rank she is and then straight away she gets captured by riful, anyway at least we will be able to get to see what riful...
  35. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 90

    Ahh I can’t wait for cross to appear (really want to hear what magdala curtain sounds like), I can’t believe how quick they are getting through this arc though I mean they’ve already shown the level...
  36. Re: Fairy Tail 93 Discussion/ 94 Prediction Thread

    This chapter was better than I actually though it would be, I’m glad in a way that there wasn’t any major battle but thought that it could have been a bit longer. Gerard tricking erza like that was...
  37. [Discussion] Re: Lenalee and her new innocence: what are your future perspectives?

    Sadly I don’t think we will be getting loads of new abilities with this innocence.
    I think it will have a pretty cool ability but mostly rely on its super speed also been powerful enough to battle...
  38. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: DGM 165 Spoiler Thread

    oh wow i cant wait for the new chapter the new hq looks absolutley amazing.
    now im getting really nervous why would they seal allens arm....why... i so really hope nothing bad happens to allen in...
  39. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Claymore 80 Discussions/81 Predictions

    It is normally on the 4th but could be later.
  40. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 89

    I think this episode was better than I had actually expected it to be, the only part which really disappointed me was when rode turned to dust.
    I mean what was up with the way she said Allen...
  41. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: DGM 164 Discussion/165 Predictions

    The ending to this arc was just amazing lol, bak saving the day was completely unexpected lol (well if you haven’t read the spoilers).
    Anyway I cant wait for it to get back on track with the real...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 316Disscusion/317 Predictions

    This chapter was a lot better than I had expected, although I’m really starting to panic about the captains and how they will be able to handle themselves. Like other people have already said though,...
  43. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: DGM 164 Spoiler Thread

    ooo this ending looks better than I actually expected even though it kind of was an extremely annoying arc, I thought allen would have looked like a more sophisticated zombie. Komui’s speech also...
  44. Re: Fairy Tail 92 Discussion/ 93 Prediction Thread

    Hmmm.....this chapter was actually a lot better than I expected it to be, ikaruga could have lasted a bit longer however. I think next chapter will be a made up of a bit of natsu running, a bit of...
  45. Re: Why didnt Teresa fought the abissal ones?

    I don’t think they sent her to the war because she still wasn’t a completed awakened so if she ever was able to awaken in a battle it would have disastrous consequences on both sides. If average...
  46. Replies

    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Favourite Claymore character??

    My fave characters are...
    .riful (I lover her sociopathic attitude)
    .Clare (got to love the main character)
    .Teresa (the strongest and the most interesting person in the entire series)
    And last...
  47. Re: Why didnt Teresa fought the abissal ones?

    I’ve wandered this before but as it has been implied she hid her true power from the org (for some reason) and even fellow claymore's, as her extermination squad never expected her to be as powerful...
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    [Discussion] Re: Could Rouvelier be one of the noahs?

    I think it is extremely unlikely that reever is a noah, I can't see it been beneficial to the actual story line at all. He just doesn’t seem like a noah I mean wouldn’t a noah act overly nice toward...
  49. [Discussion] Re: Who do you think helped Miria find the information on the Org??

    I think eramita (forgot how to spell it) he seemed quite affectionate to the claymores (well before they awakened) and wasn’t he the black cloak in charge of Miria as well as Galatea. His motive is...
  50. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Raki's armor.

    I think it could be possible that his armour is alive or has yoki embedded into it, as we have seen with Dauf. Though it seems a lot simpler for it to be just a telescopic device, nothing more...
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