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    Re: Naruto 407 Discussions / 408 Predictions

    I was reading Katekyo Hitman earlier (Just started) and after the action less 30 or so chapters the first 'real' villain. He is this guy named mukuro rokudo. Like the Rokudo sennin he has six main...
  2. Re: The Toads

    Actually that quite possible. In the picture noonethere linked to Jiraiya is not quite as young as naruto is right now. And a few months back kishi released this picture of naruto on top of Gamakichi...
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    Re: 1st & Yamato Bijuu Control = ?

    are brothers genetically identical? no. Its possible and likely even that the trait or bloodline that lets the shodaime control the bijju is recessive and active only in him. Even his kids wouldnt be...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Most Powerful Sennin

    Too many variables exist in a fight of that calibre. All three of them can kill with a single blow. Jiraiya has the rasengan, Tsunade has her medical jutsu and strenght and im sure that orochimaru...
  5. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Can kakashi become hokage?

    Yeah i agree that kakashi might not be the best candidate for the post of hokage. IMO hes probably the best suited in the village for the job after tsunade strenghtwise, i just dont see him sitting...
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    Poll: [Canon] Re: which hyuuga clan member is stronger

    I least in regards the first movie. If kishi did have a hand in the movie then he wouldnt have shown kakashi copying an ice jutsu. when naruto was training with his wind element.....
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Kakashi vs Yamato

    I'm not sure where this comes from. No doubt Yamato is exceedingly capable, and that the fight would be a great one. but if you're looking for a close fight pit kakashi against guy. Not saying...
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    [Theory] Re: Bleach Complete Story Prediction

    Actually this isn't so much as a prediction of where the story is going as much as it is a hope of mine that we see this is the future. i mean it would be kinda cool if the king had his own...
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    Jutsu Discussion Thread

    Exactly what I was thinking, Theres no way(not probable but possible as its fiction after all) Naruto is going to become th strongest in Konoha. I agree that naruto has shown prowess but like the...
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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: What's your favorite Ban Kai ?

    I ediited this post . Thanx for the info on how to post spoilers.

    You know who id really like to see get a bankai kenpachi. The freak beats 2 captains and he doesnt even know his soul slayers...
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