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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Photoshop - Questions and Discussion

    Thanks guys ..

    While typing the message my sister had walked upon me and she gave me some pointers.... and with some imagination I made it look like into...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Photoshop - Questions and Discussion

    I am trying to do a little bit of cleaning on getbackers last volume 39 pages and i got stumped while trying to combine 2 pages into one i was...
  3. Re: This Week (Road 137) Discussions and Predictions

    Sorry for barging in but as I and my cousin was going through the Japan versus German finals in Europe Chapters, we saw Genzo using his cap for stopping the goal

    But we could n't find its...
  4. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 63-64 Discussion/Roads 65-66 Predictions

    Oh........ ok... Real Madrid Thanks abo3omar

    I read that chapter long................... back.:amuse
  5. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 63-64 Discussion/Roads 65-66 Predictions

    This is going to be Great......

    I believe Tsubasa is going to complete the condition for taking part in the A Team....

    And Thank you....

    Do you think the Soccer King Natrueza is...
  6. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 49-50 Discussion/Roads 51-52 Predictions

    I also wish that Hamburg doesnt lose.......... a draw atleast wouldn't hurt.

    But what happens if Hamburg lose this match ?.... Is there any chance that they could continue in...
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    Re: The Illuminati-Manga Thread

    Is there any way you would change your mind from dropping getbackers I can get you links of the raw
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    [Done] Re: Get Backers Translations

    I was able to download the RAWS but I also dont know how to translate it I really hope you could do it. And Best of Luck
  9. Sticky: [Help] Re: Request Thread

    Hi... I have found links for getting Get Backers Manga in Chinese could you please help me in translating it to English
  10. Re: [Discussion] Road To 2002 Road 33-34 Discussions/Road 35-36 Predictions

    I have a Doubt What Happened to Aoi Shingo ???? He is supposed to be in Intermilan or Is he completely ommited from this series
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    Re: World Youth - Chapter 26 predictions

    I predict that thailand will try to score but Matsuyama, Shingo & Wakabayashi will defend and a solo goal from Shingo as he still has to prove his name
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