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  1. Replies

    Poll: [Question] Re: Who should fight Juubito first?

    i think minato should fight obito
    1. the only one who can hit him with rasengan and flying thunder god technique
    2. he can free the demon spirits from obito using contract seal
  2. [Question] Re: What do you think Sasuke's Ulterior motive is?

    i dont think sasuke has any negative emotions ie to betray konoha village
    if it was his intention naruto would have sensed that as he did in case of kisame

    i think he now has the same feeling as...
  3. [Discussion] Re: Should Sasuke be Hokage or even a Hokage candidate?

    kakashi- as he has been considered as hokage before he is the prominent candidate for hokage.he is a major tactian and cool person. he doent overeact ot any situation
    shikamaru-he may be seen little...
  4. [Discussion] Re: Is Edo Minato a Jinchuuriki? If so,will he give the other part of the Kyubi to Naruto?

    me too think so
    as like orochimarus hand and his jutsus kuybi also would have get that
    but there is other doubt about it
    orochimaru took it from third hokage using edo tensei
    orochimaru wouldnt...
  5. Re: how sasuke will obtain his next power up?.

    why didnt sasuke bring itachi back using edotensei
    if he had he could have his brother as long as he wants
  6. Replies

    [Theory] Re: What happened to the Uzumaki clan?

    i dont think tsunade is a uzumaki
    she is in senju clan
  7. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 618 Discussion / 619 Predictions

    this is my wild guess

    may be uzumaki clan will be brother of sage of sixpath himself
    in the chapter it shown that when nagato meats tobi for the first time he has rinnegan
    so he activated it...
  8. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Kyuubi's yang chakra

    now minato is out from the shinagami

    can he give back the yin chakra of kurama to him
    if so it will be an epic episode
  9. [Theory] Re: Naruto is Getting Closer to the Sage of Six Paths!

    tsunade is not an uzumaki
    she is from senju clan
  10. Poll: [Discussion] Re: If you were in Sasuke's shoes, what would you ask to the Hokages?

    hashirama: how did you defeat madaara eventhough he have the ems[amatasarsu,susanoo,tsukoyami],why didnt you kill him.why you didnt realise that he will become a real treat to konoha
    tobirama: did...
  11. [Theory] Re: I know what happened to yamato; hashirama cells

    yeah i dont think yamato have the same dna as hashiramas
    yamato himself is saying it to sakura after naruto fighting orochimaru that his dna being similar to first hokage thats why he is able to do...
  12. [Theory] Re: Naruto is Getting Closer to the Sage of Six Paths!

    i think to gedo tensi all you need is sharingan and senju power thats why obito was able to do it
    considering that itachi must have given other than shisuis eye with his uzumaki clans power naruto...
  13. [Discussion] Re: Is Edo Minato a jinjurichi?If so,will he give the other part of the kyubi to Naruto?

    if that happens naruto will go to a whole new level
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