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  1. [Question] Re: Who do you think will be next to discover their spiritual powers?

    I'm dying to see Tatsuki break out since we always get teased about it but nothing comes through. Karin would be my second choice but I doubt it'll happen any time soon if ever. I still wonder about...
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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 245 Discussion/246 Predicton thread

    I liked the character development but the story left something to be desired. Gantz and Bleach seem to be on downwards stroke at the moment.
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    Poll: Re: Why hasn't Ichigo learned Kidou or shinigami hand to hand or Hollow kidou

    He's to lazy to learn or care just as long as he wins I don't think he'll get any new techniques
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    Re: Is Ichigo overrated?

    We all know where he got his power from and know he's pretty much ignorant about his powers and what to do with them. He just bumbles about and that's how he's learnt pretty much. He hates to train...
  5. Poll: [Question] Re: Rukia and Bankai

    I don't think she has bankai and if she did she would of whipped it out for the battle with Grimmjaw.

    Ikkakau was a surprise but for a guy that spends all his time fighting he would be a prime...
  6. [Favorites] Re: Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    Tatuski because she's a tomboy and she has a strong personality. I like when a woman has a strong sense of who they are and what they want. Really don't see enough of her any more since the soul...
  7. [Theory] Unlikely (but Possible) Character Relation Theories

    Use this thread to discuss seemingly absurd character relation theories. If you have some theory that seems crazy, make sure that you actually believe it and post reasons why you believe in it. Just...
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    [Chapter] Re: 264 Predictions [Bleach]

    You've got a point there but that was developed very early in the series but you never know.
  9. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 244 Discussion/245 Prediction Thread

    There is a guy with long hair being chopped down that reminds me of the mentalist / psychic but I could be wrong we'll just have to wait for the next chapter. The last couple of chapters have felt a...
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    [Chapter] Re: 264 Predictions [Bleach]

    Whenever I read about the whole Rukia part of the story I can't help but feel that Kaien is an illusion created by an espada who either knows her history or has been told her history. Either that or...
  11. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 244 Discussion/245 Prediction Thread

    244 was interesting since some "aliens" were very passive / submissive which is very new it's almost like an alternate universe. I think the two gantz players were from the Tokyo Team.

    I really...
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