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  1. Re: Ideas and plots for Manga you don't need

    yeah I have actually.
  2. Re: Ideas and plots for Manga you don't need

    well thank you if you have any interest in it let me know :D
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    Re: artist looking for writer

    If yourstill looking im working on a light novel with most of those genres
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    [Question] Re: Why did you choose your avatar?

    Well im the BlueWolfCreator and a blue wolf seemed fitting to that
  5. Ideas and plots for Manga you don't need

    OK! I have seen this done before and I had an idea I wanted to give away myself because I'm currently working on a manga and the idea popped into my head and I only have room to work for the one I'm...
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    Re: Writing Manga 2 - New Idea

    well where is the plot to the story? and what kind of manga is it?, action,comedy i don't really see much in it, its missing alot tho its pretty creative in terms of originality.
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