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  1. Thread: Oka is DEAD.

    by ryakugo

    Re: Oka is DEAD.

    i think oka bought a resurection of gantz himself from the 100 points menu in case he died during a mission he's cleard a bucket load of times an it could of been one of the more bowerful wepons he...
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    Sticky: A really violent and brutal manga

    can someone recomend me a really brutal violent manga? not gantz,riki-oh,beserk or vagabond (no offence. they rule!)
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    Re: Favorite Character in GantZ?

    my fav has to be gantz himself! he's witty,strict and caring lol. i mean he's not that bad
    he live's in a huge ball and has people sticking fingers in his ears give him a break!
  4. Re: Based on Strategy ONLY, which GANTZ Member would you revive?

    id say izumi. he provokes kurono to out-do him and it would be bad news for the aliens once they started getting reckless because they have both unmatched skills as seen in the oni mission.
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    [Discussion] Are the aliens really invaders?

    In the nuri mission, most of the aliens seen are monsters form japanese folk lore. also other aliens such as the buddahs and the oni have also been dipicted for hundreds of years in japan. (buddism...
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