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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 743 Spoiler Discussion

    Concerning DD head, it could just be that we have a ... logia !

    A string Logia and not a Paramecia... could explain it !
  2. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 733 Discussion/ 734 Prediction Next Chapter January 11th-15th

    pff, tired of waiting this chapter... it will never come !

    Anyway, here is a prediction concerning the winner of D block... i don't think there is any... cause it is Diamante doings...
    Because of...
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    [Discussion] Re: The backstory of Wanokuni's Samurai - the hints

    I guess we have some new information:

    - Kinemon want to go to Dressrosa as one of his comrades his being kept prisoner there,
    - Kinemon and Momo reacted strangely at the name of Kaidou.
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    [Discussion] Re: The backstory of Wanokuni's Samurai - the hints

    For my part, i would be more enclined to think that Kinemon and Momo left Wano for some reason and that Momo was captured along their journey by Ceasar men.

    Any way, i guess we will learn more in...
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    [Discussion] Wano Kuni Discussion

    Hi everyone,

    I just reread the entire arc of Punk Hazard and I've noticed that Oda scattered a lot of hint about Momo and Kinemon.
    I didn't see any discussion about that. so here it is...

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