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    [Discussion] Re: DGM 170 Spoiler thread

    Huh...I hope the Miranda-Allen-Kanda interaction is true.
    A new character? Would nice if there's another female exorcist, now that Chaoji will also become one...
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    [Discussion] Re: DGM 161 Spoiler Thread

    Now...Hoshino-sensei lately tends to come up with quite sudden beginning new Arcs with more importance than it looks like in the beginning. I mean....Barely anyone would have thought that so soon...
  3. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 81

    Oh my...poor Allen.

    Thanks for the info!
  4. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 72

    Chome-chan!!! Cute~ And Allen *.* Thankies!!!
  5. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 71

    Oh...what's Fou doing in the mini-theater at the end? Looks funny xD

    It's amusing how short Bak is...for being 28 (or was it 29?)(although I should know better than joke about one's height T_T)
  6. [Anime] Re: DGM Episode 67

    Nyaa, Chome-chan! Thanks for the pics!
  7. Replies

    Re: German Thread

    Ich wusst auch net, dass so viele Deutsche heir sinn...da sucht man was über DGM OST und sieht den ersten Poster (genau eni, posterin über mia xD) Deutsch und hat nen Link hierher xD

    Ich will...
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    Sticky: Re: DGM Anime OST Downloads

    ^^; Haven't though I'd meet a LiveJournal member here as well...(and someone who gets such exclusive images...wanna too T.T)

    I agree, somehow Kanda looks's more likely a devious...
  9. Replies

    Sticky: Re: DGM Anime OST Downloads

    Let me guess...from LiveJournal? At least that's where I found the image^^
  10. Replies

    Sticky: Re: DGM Anime OST Downloads

    Oh I knew I heard the name Sowelu somewhere already. FMA! Of course xD Oh...but I love Rie Fu's current song so much....
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    [Shounen] Re: Yu Yu Hakusho Volumes 14+ Scanlations

    Oh wow, the next chapter!

    Anyway, thanks for doing so! I love ya for that!!!!! ♥
  12. Replies

    [Shounen] Re: Yu Yu Hakusho Volumes 14+ Scanlations

    Well, okay, but that doesn't help us with the last 2 and a half volume....TT.TT
  13. Replies

    [Shounen] Re: Yu Yu Hakusho Volumes 14+ Scanlations

    That's. NOT. Fair!!! X(
  14. Replies

    [Shounen] Re: Yu Yu Hakusho Volumes 14+ Scanlations

    Ehhhh....Shiraku-Scans cancelled every project they had. ShirakuScans ceased to exist....and YYH won't be continued on unless another group picks up TT.TT

    Anyone knowing otherwise?
  15. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion

    I can't wait for Miranda's filler, really. It would be at least some new filler....and it might be interesting (since Miranda is one of my favourite characters)

    I still don't like the way the...
  16. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion's the anime...does that answer your questions? Or your anger...?

    Can't be helped. It was pretty messed up, I told you so... Linali was just out of place, it doesn't fit with the original...
  17. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion

    Yup, I did. And when Allen saw the pretty wife of one of the men that had a store in Liverpool (the place they are) and he asked whether his wife was a beauty or not....Allen blushed with a slightly...
  18. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion

    Yes, I hated that arc in Tsubasa RC....stupid wannabe-doctors >.>

    It would be very interesting for sure, but changing them that much.....bringing other characters of the series into the...
  19. [Discussion] Re: DGM 116 Predictions

    If she has a crush, then it's pretty strange way to show it, it looks very fake. The whole snuggling, hugging and one-kiss-thing is just too obvious. And maybe there's something with this...
  20. [Discussion] Re: DGM 116 Predictions

    Ts...*giggles* She did it already once, she'll do it again for sure xD And a sweet kiss won't be missing ^^ A huge Road-style-hug.....poor Allen, really! If he gets out of the vacuum-problem, he'll...
  21. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion

    hm...okay...we're already talking here, ne?

    I don't like the doctor. I wanna become some sort of doctor as well, but he is....deceiving everyone!!! >.<!!! He makes me feel bad for doctors in...
  22. [Discussion] Re: DGM 116 Predictions

    Road hadn't expected Tyki's outburst for sure. She was just fast enough to react...and saved all of them, ne?

    Allen as a Noah would be a very interesting turn of the plot. And seeing Road offering...
  23. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion

    Nice (maybe I should print it as well xD), so nice reading time, ne^^

    (By the way, did I reply your last PM yet? I can't remember anymore....@.@)
  24. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion

    You should. It's a great story! And you might like to compare the anime version with the Reverse-Novel?
  25. [Anime] Re: DGM Ep 29 Discussion

    Oh, your sister? Nice^^ But the title of the 32th episode sound like the second Reverse-chapter...

    Schwindelmagier, you didn't read the Reverse chapter yet, did you? Think again about that doctor!...
  26. [Anime] Re: DGM episode 29 discussion

    I didn't watched yet, but I dislike the idea from the beginning as I looked up the title of those two episodes in wiki, because it was originally a story only about Allen! Now Linali is with him and...
  27. Replies

    Sticky: Re: The Character Thread

    Eh?! Heck..there are too many posts to read, can anyone sum up for me what's up, what's decided and so?
  28. [Shounen] Re: To-LOVE-Ru (Trouble) by Hasemi Saki & Yabuki Kentaro

    In any way, he is cut xD And his fighting ability, his confidence, his skills are just great! The manga is great....but the Ants-Ark is slightly confusing....

    Okay, wrong thread. Heeeee, Eve is an...
  29. [Shounen] Re: To-LOVE-Ru (Trouble) by Hasemi Saki & Yabuki Kentaro

    *raises eyebrow* You still can think he's cute, if you aren't younger than him....can't be that hart, can it? ;)

    *shruggs* anyway, thanks again, ne~ :amuse
  30. [Shounen] Re: To-LOVE-Ru (Trouble) by Hasemi Saki & Yabuki Kentaro

    Oh, thank you very much for the info, I'm glad that it's fixed now^^

    OOOh, and you have Gon as Avatar^^ Isn't he cute? ;)
  31. Replies

    Sticky: New Opening & Ending

    Hey, how do you think about the new Anime OP and ED? :tem

    Brightdown my Nami Tamaki
    (without sub, unfortunately)

    Yume no Tsuduki e by surface...
  32. [Discussion] Re: D. Gray Man 114 Predictions Thread

    I can't wait for the translation of Reverse 2^^

    Road is willing to kill Rabi...this would be the first time we see her really trying to kill anyone. The times before she'd only played with the...
  33. [Discussion] Re: D. Gray Man 113 Discussion Thread

    Rabi...looks allot hotter without his headband..... Oh I hope Road won't kill him!!!!

    And Linali's really very weak lately...poor girl, always sitting and hoping, not being able to do anything is...
  34. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: D. Gray Man 114 Spoiler

    I can barely wait for the releasing...that will be when?
  35. [Shounen] Re: To-LOVE-Ru (Trouble) by Hasemi Saki & Yabuki Kentaro you know where to get the Scanlations from Kefi? Since they had deleted all the scanlation-chapters from To-Love-Ru...and I don't have an idea where to get them....
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