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    [Question] Re: Will HxH ever be completed ?

    Well, we must wait
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    [Theory] Re: Phantom Troupe = Jesus + Apostles

    Chrollo opposed to Got, it's maybe because once he had believed in Got.
    E.g. A couple, they fell in love, than one day they broke off and hated eachother.
  3. [Fun] Re: How can you remove someone's heart without spilling a single drop of blood?

    Just go ask Yoshihiro Togashi, I want to know that, too
  4. [Question] Re: Who is your favorite Hunter X Hunter character?

    It's certainly Kuroro Lucilferu! The perfect leader and thinker! Calm and unhurried, confident and intelligent. All the plans that he planed are perfect organized. He know how to contact with...
  5. [Favorites] Re: Character Designs - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I think Sacco's appearance is ok, but don't really know how does he looks like when he get older lol :DDDDDDD
    It's funny to see Gon's spiky hair and his father's shabby bedsheet ( I mean Ging wears...
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