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    [Shounen] Re: Nisekoi by KOMI Naoshi

    I agree that the one shot was (way) more interesting, but this turned out really good too. I sincerely hope it´ll run for a long time because it´s really fun and interesting, at least at the moment....
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    [Discussion] Re: What flashback would you like to see?

    Respect is one thing, ability is something else. Jiraiya & Orochimaru were both kage-level ninjas. Tsunade is the Hokage. I´d think Kakashi is stronger than his father, due to him having the...
  3. Re: Kenpachi: Possibly Stronger than Aizen and Yamamoto? Or just overrated?

    Well, you have to keep in mind that he severely underestimated Ichigo. That was proven by the fact that he slaughtered Tosen & Komamura right after he was beaten by Ichigo. Kenpachi is super strong,...
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    Re: One Piece 2012 Girls Calendar

    Doesn´t look official at all.
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    [School] Re: What is your favourite subject?

    Most def marketing. It´s fun, but it´s still frustrating that they try to calculate everything like you can figure out how a TV-ad will change your company´s image five years from now and how...
  6. [School] Re: Do you agree with selling condoms in Universities?

    Yeah, they should, why not? People will still have sex, people will still buy condoms, but from other places. Maybe I´m rationalizing but still.
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Luffy vs. Kuma (Rematch)

    I think it´s really hard to decide since we haven´t seen Luffy´s full power at all. I´m sure he has way more tricks up his sleeve than what we´ve seen so far. Also, we haven´t really witnessed Kuma´s...
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