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    Sticky: Re: The Character Data Thread

    AH!!! There is no info on hiruma's b-day!! NO!! Dang....i was really hoping to know when it is...and wat position is "S"? Sorry, I'm just really bad with acronyms.
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    Re: The real Eyeshield21 Theories Thread

    OKAY!! Sorry, i haven't really read all the post yet!! BUT all i wanna say is...i just CAN'T really picture Marco as the Real Eyeshield 21. Aside from that, there was a mention about the christmas...
  3. Re: All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread!

    WOW!!! All the colorings are so great... i was considering entering my coloring.....but but..i thinks i'll hold off.......get a couple more colored..since i am extra extra slow. heh...
  4. Re: All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread!

    Haha..yea that was wat i was trying to say....St. Patrick's Day...haha
  5. Re: All-Purpose Contest Discussion Thread!

    WOW!! I didn't even know that the art contest started for march in mid-feb. Welps...nice job guys...really nice so far.

    Just one RANDOM question. March doesn't have a theme?...haha..just...
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    Re: Romance in ES21

    Love your little motion cartoon there...haha....but..WOW....arn't we going in a weird direction of paring off people....lets see if this is the case...i wold have to say HIRUMA and his...
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    Re: Favorite moment, emotion moment?

    eh? you are coloring it now???? COOL!!!! I want to see it when your done???? Are you gonna enter it into the art compitions?
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    Re: Favorite moment, emotion moment? so many funny, favorite and emotional moments in eyeshield..haha

    Well, let me list mine from off the top of my head....

    -sena takes off his helmet in front of Mamori ( i was...
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    Re: Romance in ES21

    I totally agree, i think it would bring a sorta weird atmosphere into the manga if sena and mamori did have a relationship.

    Well.... I think some people can have their imagination go...
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    Re: The Hiruma Thread

    COOL!!! Eyeshield colorings in the art contest would be great!!!!!! To bad i would join...but coloring is my worst enemy!!

    Anyways i didn't know that eyeshield had omakes that wern't given out...
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    Re: The Hiruma Thread


    Okay first off..yes i would also like to see hiruma's hair down..second...when did he buy an island??....(I probably don't know this since i just started reading the manga and am...
  12. Re: Manga Coloring of the Week (Amateur) Week # 7

    Just wondering where this picture is from? I like it though...nice coloring silhouette. :)
  13. Re: Manga Coloring of the Week #6-7 (Advanced)

    Hey where is this pic from? Nice colorin though!!
  14. Re: Manga Coloring of the Week #4 (Amateur)

    awesome coloring!!! Keep up the great work peeps, i enjoyed looking at them!!
  15. Re: make your team status from the best to the worse [ as many as [possible ]

    haha..funny i generally agree with xantos about the ranking except for i think that Kyoshin Poseidon should be before Taiyou Sphinx. haha..but yea i think Koigahama Cupids are the worst!!
  16. [Seinen] Re: Until Death Do Us Part Scanlations & Discussion (latest ch006)

    HEY i just started reading this one. the title sure caught my attention. HAHA!! AT first i thought it would be about a lovey lovey dovey sorta manga but then dang!! Wat a twist!!! haha..but its hecka...
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    Sticky: Re: Your Favorite Character in Eyeshield 21!

    haha, welps mine is hiruma!! LOVE HIM!!! then its followed by cerberus!!! I think they are such a funny pair!!! I love their story of how they meet each other. :)
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