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    Re: Addicted to cookies (Bastogne)!

    Ahahaha, you're unbelievable Koen! Not all Greeks are the same you know :p

    Actually I didn't name myself Anax >.> Back when I was 16 I was brainstorming aliases and picked a huge, unfunny one....
  2. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    The historical note looks excellent, thumbs up! :ossu If any readers out there are geeky enough to care to read it, they'll at least know that we poured some effort in making it, eh? :amuse
  3. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Man, am I hyper! I was taking a shower when it hit me: The mangaka probably saw the words written in some romanized form and adapted them in kana. This means that the letter "χ" (chi) which sounds...
  4. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    The full RAW would be much appreciated Lucifiel :3 I don't really speak Jap, but I have friends who do and I wanna go over some parts with them.

    Also, I have a question: Do you want to the info...
  5. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Hey there :3 It's fun to see Greek in a manga and I used to think I'd be of much use in a case like this. Boy, was I wrong >.>

    This is indeed like decoding... The Japanese see a Greek word, then...
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    Sticky: [Language] Re: What Languages do you know?

    Interesting thread GK :P
    Well, I only speak Greek and English, sadly. I do want to learn more though, and have plans for that after uni is over :tem
  7. Replies

    [Fantasy] Re: Luffy vs. Zoro! Who would win?

    Mr. Popo and I agree. Seriously, the guy summed up in a paragraph what would have taken me pages to convey :XD

    I only need to elaborate on two points.
    One is purpose. Why would those two fight?...
  8. Replies

    Poll: Re: Kenpachi's Bankai

    The fact that Kenpachi doesnt' know the name of his sword is true (at least up to the chapter I've read, around 250). However, Kubo as a writer could easily work his way around that. For example...
  9. Replies

    Re: MH's Fujoshi Corner d(^o^)b

    8[ ]

    Damn age limits to hell! :yelling

    Don't worry Eni, you're not too old :hug

    By the way, I'm soo jealous you're starting Japanese lessons! :nuts One day... one day I'll speak Japanese...
  10. Sticky: [Books] Re: The Great Books! ( And What Are You Currently Reading? )

    Currently I just finished Necroscope by Brian Lumley, moved on to Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett and I'd move on to Reaper Man if I hadn't accidentally read it before Moving Pictures, out of love...
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    Poll: [Feedback] Re: The new Shoutbox Format!

    Quoted for truth, nothing to add :ossu
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    [Discussion] Re: Who's the most strongest guy in op ?

    My opinion is that even by the end of the series, not even Luffy will be that man, simply because he won't have to fight everyone. Just like he didn't have to fight Perona. Yes she was a joke...
  13. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Who's the most strongest guy in op ?

    First of all, to simply answer the question the way I see it: "There is no strongest character".

    At first I was about to agree with Jammer's thoughtful and realistic approach, when I realized...
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