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    Sticky: Poll: [Art] Re: Bakuman Offical Art Thread

    I though in the possibility to have a color Hiramaru cover.

    It would to be epic.
  2. Replies

    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Best Manga in Bakuman?

    It would be interesting "Money and intelligence" it sounds seem to Death Note, and Otters must to be so crazy and surreal, it would be really funny xD.

    See you later LOL xD
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    Poll: Re: Bakuman 33 Discussion / 34 Prediction Thread

    I really like this chapter.

    Moyoshi is more beautiful in all chapters xD
  4. [Discussion] Re: If you could bring back one thing from Japan????

    A real katana is too good.
  5. I want a guionist or a artist to do a team

    I want a guionist or a artist to do a team, and read/draw a manga.
    I always wanted to be a mangaka, but I live in spain, and I'm not so good to live by the manga, so I'm studing to be a cooker.
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