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  1. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 741 Discussion/ 742 Prediction - BREAK NEXT WEEK

    I would like to retract my comment last week on hating ussop!
    Fair play to him finally admitting his lies and standing to fight, this is what I want to see, not him running to hills every time some...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 740 Discussion / 741 Prediction

    I completely agree with this.

    For me he is one of the worst charaters and I wish he was left at water 7. I don't ever believe I will consider him the brave warrior of the sea unless he solo...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 734 Spoiler Discussion

    I wonder what would happen if both Rebecca and bartolomeo fight as to me they both seem the defensive type. I guess it could showcase the attacking skills of these characters.
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 731 Chapter Discussion/732 Predictions

    why not? care to expand on this? Sanji is my favourite character from one piece and it would just add to him being a badass if he was a logia
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 731 Chapter Discussion/732 Predictions

    I was also one that never truly believed that Sabo would be dead just didn't imagine that he would come back into the story so early as I thought he might be off bust with the revolutionaries. Even...
  6. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 729 Discussion / 730 Predictions- BREAK NEXT WEEK; CHAPTER RETURNS WEEK OF 02/12

    wow this weeks discussion has got heated! this is why 2 week breaks are terrible as we cant handle it haha

    Anyway my prediction is that law will live as luffy owes him a life debt sort of thing,...
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    [Discussion] Re: The Missing Nakamas

    I personally think that the next character to join will me Momo as he adds both humour and has the potential to become very strong I mean he is a dragon after all. Also I think he looks very...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 723 Discussion/ 724 Prediction

    What I really wonder is how strong Sanji's haki really is? as I don't think there should be a massive power difference between the monster trio or at least Sanji and Zoro . I think personally that...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 723 Discussion/ 724 Prediction

    I personally think his devil fruit is a space fruit rather than just gravity as we have see meteorites, gravity and to me what seemed to be a black hole. But I do agree blackbeards is darkness.
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 713 Discussion/ 714 Prediction

    Hello all I know I'm not a usual poster but I do normally read the forum each week probably missed this weeks debate as spoilers are starting to come out but I think futijour (the blind admiral guy)...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 288 Discussion/ 289 Predictions

    I have always read fairy tale on the side, just a way to help pass time between One Piece chapters but I have to say these last 2 arcs have been really really good. I'm really enjoying these magic...
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    Potential power of the Straw Hats

    As were on a break for new year and etc I decided that I would catch up on the anime chapters that I had missed over the last month or more and I think they have done a great job on showing how much...
  13. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama... - 2nd edition

    I got this from the main fourm but i think its a grat idea

    I would like someone completely out there like someone mentioned in the main thread about an old grand master sea turtle. I think he/she...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 633 Discussion / 634 Prediction

    I think this is going to happen too and i guess in this next fight while no one is watching. I think that carribou is going to take her off island maybe to the new place for Fishmen Island as she...
  15. Who’s on the Straw hats side when push comes to shove?

    I just sat watched the chapter 505 in anime form for one piece and it’s the one where Garp goes back to see Dan Dan, and it got me thinking who will actually fight for Luffy when the time comes.
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 633 Discussion / 634 Prediction

    I don’t think one piece follows the rules of nature maybe I’m wrong but islands on clouds, devil fruits, the ability to react to the speed of a bullet and dodge it, the creating of mirages or weather...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 631 Spoiler Discussion

    It's out!
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 630 Discussion / 631 Prediction

    I’m not getting why you argue over liking the arc or not to me it’s a bit like Call of Duty Online threes some maps that you like and others you hate as well as guns etc all different aspects of the...
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    Sticky: [Anime] Re: One Piece ep 505 Discussion Thread

    i think this episode was ok i found it a bit slow in places but thats probs because we just got out the whole war arc
    but if anything this shows us that there are going to be two more members of the...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 630 Discussion / 631 Prediction

    loves the way the king was like your nothing without those pills lol
    also my guess on what happens next (sorry if this has be guessed all ready) is that hordy does die or crippled from taking too...
  21. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama... - 2nd edition

    the crew need someone with something eles they can add to the crew so alladin is definetly a no go unless we leave chopper etc so i feel that hyouzou will not join as much as i want him to. they do...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 629 Discussion / 630 Prediction

    i was wondering this while i was reading. i think it would be cool if he could take over people who dont have strong wills ie the people who fall asleep from the kingshaki blast thing.
  23. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama... - 2nd edition

    i would personaly like hyouzou to join i just like his charater so far despite us knowing little of him. the dream i could could see him having is the one to find lots of money and be rich i know...
  24. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama... - 2nd edition

    well im not sure exatly how many spaces are left with in the crew because i know luffy said he wanted 10 namaka and so far in my eyes he has 8 (not including him or the sunny go because they did...
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    [Discussion] Re: Crews strength - what you expect from now on

    I would like to see luffy around the officers of the wb ie diamond jouzo level this is because they could beat most va's and atleast give a fight (not a winable one) to an admiral.
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    [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 223 Discussion/224 Predictions

    im not sure did lucys mum die at giving birth, because that may explain why hes angry at them, as he could have been forced relesed/ sent back to the spirt world beofre his master died at giving...
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    [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 219 Discussion/ 220 Predictions

    personally i would like it to be the other way around as in maybe mira gets atleast knocked down or tricked becuse she seems a bit dim and this will give us a chance to see how capable lisana truly...
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    [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 218 Discussion / 219 Predictions

    i undersand what you mean but i think he could be a spirit and be stronger than loki (leo) at the moment because loki is there by his own accord like he was when he was in fairy tail and he was alot...
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    [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 218 Discussion / 219 Predictions

    ok the last month i have started reading fairy tail and im really likeing it.
    i havent gone back and read the other fourms so im sorry if some of my ideas are a couple of weeks behind.
    i was...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 605 Discussion / 606 Prediction Thread

    im just trying to imagine how fast sanji is gunna be on dry land cause think of the drag/ resitance he will get from the water around him and he looks as if hes running normaly
    my long term...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 604 Discussion / 605 Prediction Thread

    i was thinking and if caribou (however u spell it)if he was to join the strawhats his purpose would be like a guy trying to escape as he doesnt really want to be there and act allot like like a buggy...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 598 Discussion / 599 Prediction Thread

    i really like the change that ussop has gone through the most as hes now buff lol and looks more like his pops and less cowardly (even though i expect he may revert back to old ways)

    i wanna see...
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    the Strawhats should get fodder crew members

    i have been thinking of this for a long time now especially since the flying fish gang started looking after the sunny go
    i feel that they should get some ''fodder'' crew members to look after there...
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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Which crew member is your favorite?

    i voted brook because i find him contiously funny
    but if not brook it would be nami just for the part in stong world where she was scared and they found out how much money was involved and was like...
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    New Supernovas?

    since there is inevetably now going to be this time skip when we rejoin is there going to be new supernovas
    i mean this because more people will have time to get a bounty over 100m
    or will the old...
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Admiral Kizaru VS Diamond Jozu

    woop woop that was me
    it all depends on how much oda wants to think into this as it could work both ways in getting load of different colourd kizarus (rainbow effect)
    but some one also mentioned...
  37. [Predictions] Re: What will happen when Chopper will master his DF?

    soz il use a spell check next time:D
    ye but its not just marvel there is alot of other storys that have this and i dont think that its quite the uniqueness that im use to seeing in oda and...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 597 Spoiler Discussion

    the difference is a 18 year old boy lol:p
    i could understand maybe a 6month break apart potencially a year so then luffy would then have a year to conquer the new world and be like gold roger but 2...
  39. Re: One Piece: The New World

    wow one month with out one piece:o what am i to do
    well i just wanna c how much the story move on when we get it back like was there this anticipated time skip or is it just that Oda is taking a...
  40. [Predictions] Re: What will happen when Chopper will master his DF?

    also do u think that he will learn to controll that super hulk type form and if so then does he gain his human form as that curently uncontrolable
    and i really dont want another story with a doc...
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    Re: Erimia's Gallery

    OMG i love ur 4th hokage its amazing
  42. [Discussion] Re: Will the thousand Sunny make it all theway through the Grand line?

    I think that the Sunny will make it just on the fact that they lost the the Going Merry and Luffy basically promised to not let it happen again and i belive he sed some where that the Sunny is his...
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    [Discussion] Re: kizaru could a mirror beat him?

    i like the idea of diamond jozu fighting him as it may be a nartual weakness like luffy vs enel
    But it could work against him as it could create more kizarus as he attacks him and have all differnt...
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    [Discussion] kizaru could a mirror beat him?

    i no this may sound stupid but could a mirror beat him if used correctly as he is light as he would reflect back
    either that or diamond as it breaks up the light into the differnt colours like a...
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    Poll: Re: The Next Shichibukai?

    as much as i think this i also think that buggy became a captin to not take orders off anyone (but i surpose most captins do that) it just i dont see buggy liking the idea of being ordered around...
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    Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama...

    as the straw hat crew is a bunch outcasts from where they are from (chopper, Brooke, Franky, Kind of robin, and nami ussop) do u think we would get a fishman with a DF power so he/she cant swim...
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