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    [Discussion] What would you do to improve the series?

    We all love One Piece a lot, for lots of us it's probably our favorite series. No doubt that it has it's flaws though. So, if you were the author what would you add or change?

    Here are some of...
  2. Re: Seawater/seastone/Yami Yami no Mi/Haki vs. Luffy

    Yes, but I'm saying perhaps users whose bodies are permanently altered still stay like that, but people like Ace whose bodies can change at will do not keep their power.

    Also, I believe they use...
  3. [Question] Do you like the fact that Toriko characters are older than normal?

    Lots of times in shounen the main characters under 18 and somehow become one of the strongest in the world before their 21st birthday. I hate that. Becoming strong should be something that takes...
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    [Question] Re: My random Toriko questions thread

    Why don't we turn this thread into a questions thread, where anyone can ask any short questions about Toriko that don't deserve their own thread, and the community can try to answer them?
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    [Predictions] Re: If the Bishokukai hadn't interfered

    I would have said Buranchi would have won it. I feel like the younger generation is quickly taking over and his hype is pretty good.
  6. Re: Seawater/seastone/Yami Yami no Mi/Haki vs. Luffy

    Regarding seastone, I was thinking that it only inhibits your power - that is, you can't actively use it, but if your power is one that changes your real body permanently then you still retain that...
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    [Predictions] If the Bishokukai hadn't interfered

    How do you think the Cooking Festival tournament would have progressed?

    A reminder of the match ups:
  8. Re: Seawater/seastone/Yami Yami no Mi/Haki vs. Luffy

    I've always wondered about that. How does it work? Is there a limit to how much blunt force Luffy can take at one time before it hurts him? Basically, if you punch him hard enough, it'll hurt him?
  9. Seawater/seastone/Yami Yami no Mi/Haki vs. Luffy

    I've recently been thinking about how all this "removing or inhibiting DF powers" stuff really works, but I've been a bit stumped when it comes to Luffy and the four currently known methods of...
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    [Discussion] The tournament needs to end

    Oda has really handled this tournament poorly. In fact, it’s become less of a tournament, and more of a poorly disguised plot device decorated with throwaway characters, and considering the amount of...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: What "creature" is Kaido?

    It'd be cool if he was always in his Zoan form and nobody even knows that he has a human form.
  12. Thread: Hi!

    by GumGumRep

    Re: Hi!

    Nice to meet you! ^_^

    Alright, answers!

    I play video games a lot in my spare time. I like to think I'm not one of those people who say Nintendo is better than everything, but 95% of my games...
  13. Thread: Hi!

    by GumGumRep


    Hi, I'm GumGumRep, but you can just call me GumGum... In fact, I'd prefer it if you called me GumGum... I'm quite annoyed that "GumGum" was taken... :twitch
    Joking aside, I joined a while ago but...
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