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  1. [Discussion] Re: What are You Watching and What is Next on Your List?

    Currently watching Bleach and will eventually finish off Death Note. Not too sure what Anime i'll watch after i finish Bleach, I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any :)
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    Sticky: Re: How did you come across MangaHelpers?

    I was looking for a forum where i could join up and talk about Anime. I also like reading some spoilers from the OP Manga as i feel i am missing out sometimes by not reading the OP manga
  3. [Life] Re: How Pepole Say "Sorry" according to their Zodiac

    Hmmm... I'm Aries but what it says doesn't really sound like me TBH, I'm always apologising, even if really what has happened isn't my fault

    For starters, Arians think they are so sweet,...
  4. Thread: Hello!

    by Raygirl


    Hi there, my name is Kerry and I'm 24 years of age. I live in good old England :) I'm pretty new to anime, I've watched Dragonball Z and i am up to date with One Piece. I'm currently watching Bleach...
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