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  1. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 782 Discussion/ 783 Predictions

    Regarding the discussion of Trebol is paramecia vs logia ... in the marineford battle of Whitebeard vs Aokiji, we can see that whitebeard stabs Aokiji with Haki but nothing happens to Aokiji. My...
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    Poll: Re: FINAL: Whitebeard vs. Shanks

    I agree with you M3J, my post is on reply to most of comments as "Since Oda stated WB as the strongest person he is stronger than Shanks!" kind of posts.
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    Poll: Re: FINAL: Whitebeard vs. Shanks

    Oda stated Whitebeard is the strongest person, similarly Kaido as the strongest creature ... so what now!? he has not introduced what shanks is about may be like "Person with the strongest will". so...
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    Poll: Re: FINAL: Whitebeard vs. Shanks

    Guys I want to make one comment. Whitebeard has the dangerous devil fruit I agree but Shanks not having one doesnt make him weak. Garp didnt have one, it was not hinted Roger had one or Rayleigh...
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    Poll: Re: Semifinal 2: Mihawk vs. Shanks

    My vote goes for Shanks :). In onepiece world titles mean something. Agreed Mihawk is the "Strongest swordsmen" but Shanks is a freaking "Yonkou". Ilts like in future Zoro becomes the strongest...
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    Poll: Re: Semifinal 1: Whitebeard vs. Gol D. Roger

    My vote goes for Whitebeard. Roger X Whitebeard had an epic battle sometime in the past and I remember it being tied and we have seen some kickass abilities/powers of Whitebeard in ace execution war...
  7. Poll: Re: Quarterfinals: Match 2: Mihawk vs. Dragon

    Whitebeard said that its still new to his ears about the daily duels between Shanks and Mihawk. That means its a long time ago, it was never mentioned that Mihawk is on par with Shanks. Its like...
  8. Poll: Re: Quarterfinals: Match 2: Mihawk vs. Dragon

    I would go with Dragon on this. For me Whitebeard, Shanks, Akainu, Aokiji and Dragon are in a league apart from others. Mihawk is strong but from what we saw in the war Luffy was able to avoid his...
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    Poll: Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 1

    For me its Whitebeard and Boa. Boa has three kinds of Haki and a freaking devil fruit ability. From the battle we saw in Marinford she is quite proficient in one on one with haki/devil fruit imbibed...
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    Poll: Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 2

    For me it looks like Ace and Akainu will be the winners. But I hate Akainu so gonna go with Ace and Fisher Tiger. Who knows there is a possibility that if Ace and Fisher Tiger worked as a team they...
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    Sticky: Re: One Piece General Discussion Thread!

    Why cant I see the result of Croc Vs Lucchi and Lucky Roo Vs Vergo votes wise. Only the final result was shown in Groups and Rounds Thread
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 688 Discussion / 689 Prediction

    Chapter is fine, and a break next week!! damn. Has any one recognized the jolly roger that Caribou encountered in the mini series?
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    Poll: Re: First Round! 36] Lucky Roo vs Vergo

    I said Vice Admiral Vergo not any Vice Admiral, Of course every one know that Garp is an (fleet)Admiral level. If we see the Whitebeard Pirates Vs Marines war then Jozu, Marco are able to hold on...
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    Poll: Re: First Round! 36] Lucky Roo vs Vergo

    Lucky Roo is one of the top members of Shanks crew introduced others being Benn Beckman, Yassop. So he is in top four of the strongest men in Shanks Crew. We have seen that Benn Beckman threatening...
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    Poll: Re: First Round! 34] Crocodile vs Rob Lucci

    I will go with Croc as the winner. What we saw is Lucci is the only one who has physically exhausted Luffy to the verge of death but croc on the other hand is a damn ex schi and a logia user. He once...
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    Poll: Re: First Round 26. (Blackbeard vs Aokiji)

    I think Aokiji wins this round. As stated earlier Ace just managed to block one of Aokiji's attack in the war, they both have anti elements(opposing in nature) which makes a draw. As Mr3 was able to...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 650 Discussion / 651 Prediction

    Hi Guys I checked 10 odd pages and no discussion regarding this so mentioning here (sry if its already mentioned) ... Luffy asks Zoro and Sanji whether they sense wild animal in the castle ... is...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 650 Spoiler Discussion

    Am I the only one who hates that Aokiji lost to Akainu :-( .. Aokiji is one of my Fav characters and Akainu I hate him ... any way plot wise its more interesting with Akainu as FA. Interesting...
  19. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 605 Discussion / 606 Prediction Thread

    Hi deffkryz,

    How much air did luffy use when fighting with lucci? hmm ... I think we can get a good idea from this page in the bottom...
  20. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 605 Discussion / 606 Prediction Thread

    Hi all,

    I have a small question ... Luffy pumps air for to activate grear 3 right? ( but when he is in bubble how can he get...
  21. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 604 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    WOW Kraken ... OMG so cooollllllllll ...

    So I think there will be fight in the next chapter with Kraken ... wanna see luffy using CoC on the Kraken finally to pwn it :)

    Once again its a cool...
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