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  1. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 793 Discussion / 794 Prediction

    I believe that Kidd alliance doesn't stand a chance vs Shanks' crew atm. We saw that Luffy and Law together just barely managed to defeat Doflamingo and imho every main member in Shanks' crew is at...
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    [Theory] Re: Gear Fourth predictions and theories

    Maybe it will be something similar to what Gon did in HxH

    Gon forcibly aged his body by sacrificing his nen and got power far beyond what he was capable of at that time.

    Maybe Luffy will do...
  3. [Question] Re: Why is it that nobody can cut the bird cage strings?

    Well i would say that Fujitora isn't doing anything because Doflamingo is a shichibukai and he doesn't want to openly oppose him, he is probably just trying to protect the people without making it a...
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    [Discussion] Re: Zoro and Sanji, Sanji fell behind?

    Whitebeard was old, sick and injured, he was nowhere near his prime. Akainu wouldn't stand a chance if Whitebeard was at full strength imho.
  5. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 781 Discussion / 782 Prediction

    Like it's been already stated few times and is clearly visible in the chapter, it's not an invisible room but a really big room so they didn't notice they were inside.
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    [Discussion] Re: Straw Hat Explusion

    While i could agree that Robin is useless except for her knowledge of the history and reading poneglyphs there is no way Luffy and Zoro are useless. Two of them together with Sanji are both the main...
  7. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    We already know that law can switch minds with his fruit, so what if he can transplant his mind to other body but without removing the original mind. So based on that last panel maybe law is inside...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 779 Discussion / 780 Predictions. Break next week.

    I don't think Mihawk wanted to say that haki imbued swords would never break, i believe that person with stronger haki can break the swords of someone with weaker haki and if they both have similar...
  9. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 778 Discussion / 779 Predictions

    Where exactly did you see him attacking in different parts of the city simultaneously? He went to where Diamante was and after that attacked the injured warriors then talked to Zoro and left towards...
  10. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 778 Discussion / 779 Predictions

    I don't understand why would it be so strange for pica to be in upper half of his body at the time Zoro attacked, it makes more sense than him being in his left foot for example and at the same time...
  11. Re: One Piece: Should I continue the series, or is it too late....?

    When i started watching One Piece anime i thought it was ok, but nothing special. You could say i watched it out of boredom when i had nothing else to do. The first time it was really interesting for...
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    [Favorites] Re: One Piece Personal Favorite Quotes

    Zoro: Nothing...nothing at all...!!!
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 724 Discussion/ 725 Prediction

    Like everyone I expected Sanji to lose. Maybe not so fast and without at least giving DD few scratches, but it doesn't matter. That doesn't mean that Sanji is weak, it only shows how strong DD is and...
  14. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Kenpachi vs Urahara

    Urahara is by far my favorite character and i believe that he is one of the most powerful beings in bleach but since i don't really have any evidence of that it doesn't really matter for this match....
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    [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 344 Discussion / 345 Predictions

    Erza getting younger probably has something to do with the eternal flame and that mountain that Erza climbed actually looks a lot like frozen flame to me so it could be that she got younger because...
  16. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Shinji vs Ichigo

    I agree, just because you hit harder doesn't mean you will win the fight.

    Ichigo is very strong and fast but i just can't imagine him figuring out Shinjis shikai fast enough (if at all) to defend...
  17. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Round 2: Urahara vs Sasakibe

    Going by hype or feats it doesn't matter, Urahara wins this easly imho. I don't care if Sasikabe has a bankai or not, if he was strong he would never have been defeated in one hit by barehanded...
  18. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Round 2: Quilge vs Kenpachi

    I have no doubt that Kenpachi would win this, he killed 3 stern ritters without much trouble and from what Quilge showed vs. Ichigo i wouldn't say that he is much stronger than those 3 were.
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    [Theory] Re: The 5 War Potentials

    Urahara was hiding all the time until he attacked so i really don't think Kirge noticed that he was there, he saw Ichigo, Nel, Inoue and maybe Sado (don't remember about him) but not Urahara. We know...
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    [Theory] Re: The 5 War Potentials

    Kirge didn't really know that Urahara was there untill the very end. Urahara made a suprise attack and after Kirge woke up he attacked Ichigo and then he was killed so he didn't really have the time...
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    [Theory] Re: The 5 War Potentials

    Based on the 3 confirmed war potentials the remaning 2 can't be just anyone, they really need to be special.

    Ichigo is a hybrid of everything and very strong at that, even fighting with most of...
  22. Poll: [Fantasy] Re: How Strong is Luffy? Let the gauntlet find out!

    Round 1: Buggy and Alvida - don't see how he can lose this
    Round 2: Ace - this will be tough but with his haki and speed Luffy should be able to defeat him
    Round 3: CP9 - Lucci is no match for...
  23. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Round 2: Ukitake vs Ichigo

    While i do believe that Ukitake is much stronger than what he showed so far based on what we have seen Ichigo should win this so my vote goes to him.
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Round 2: Team 7 vs Team 8

    Grimmjow fights Nel while Uryu and Choe defeat Sado and Cirucci and then all three together defeat Nel. Team 8 wins.
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    [Discussion] Re: About Black Beard's Devil Fruit

    That could be the case but i really believe that they are not talking about his crew. Mock town is mostly inhabited by pirates and every pirate has a crew, it's not something that should be...
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    [Discussion] Re: About Black Beard's Devil Fruit

    I don't think it's multiple personalities because devil fruit should be connected to the body and not personality. When Law switched strawhats, devil fruit powers didn't transfer but stayed in the...
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    [Discussion] Re: About Black Beard's Devil Fruit

    I think this could be a hint why BB can have more then one fruit. Luffy and Zoro say it's not he but they. I really don't know what that means but if it's they then it makes sense that BB could have...
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    [Discussion] Re: Crews strength - what you expect from now on

    This could be only my wishful thinking but i really believe that Zoro already has CoC, he is exactly the type of person that could dominate others by sheer force of his will. And he and Luffy need...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 316 Discussion/ 317 Predictions

    I really didn't expect there to be so many dragons around considering that Natsu spent most of his life trying to find at least one. Dragons aren't very easy to hide being so big and all and it's...
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    Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 8

    We saw that Kuma can repel air, pain, exhaustion so why wouldn't he be able to repel Crocodile when he turns into sand? And Vegapunk could have put a database in his head with all the known pirates...
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    Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 8

    Shanks and Kuma. Being one of the Yonkou and stopping Akainus attack is enough for Shanks to pass. Kuma is my second choice based on his actions on Thirller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago. He can repel...
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    Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 7

    Rayleigh and Lucky Roo. Even in his old age we saw that Rayleigh can hold his own against an admiral so no questions here. About Lucky Roo, i know that many people will say that we didn't see...
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    Poll: Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 6

    It's true that Yasopp didn't do anything to show us that he is strong but based on the fact that he is a top member of Shank's crew i believe that his strength should be at least similar to that of...
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    Poll: Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 5

    Dragon, the most wanted man in the world, leader of the revolutionaries, able to create some kind of storm or whatever, son of Garp and father of Luffy. Didn't see much from him but I have no doubt...
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    Poll: Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 6

    Not much to think about here. Marco and Yasopp, being two highly ranked members of a yonkou crew, win this easy. CP9 members don't stand a chance and Kinemon doesn't seem at their level either from...
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    Poll: Re: Second Round: Battle Royale 4

    Wiper and Caribou don't stand a chance, we don't know much about Shiliew so it's hard to judge his strength but i'm sure Garp and Enel could win this easy. I know many doubt Enel because he lost to...
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    Re: Ranking of the Strawhats' Strength

    My ranking, for both pre and post time skip, would be:

    1. Luffy & Zoro
    3. Sanji
    4. Franky
    5. Brook
    6. Robin
    7. Chopper
    8. Usopp
    9. Nami
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 650 Discussion / 651 Prediction

    I always thought that predicting moves with CoA worked like seeing the immediate future, like a very brief vision in your mind.
    Btw does anyone else think that Hodi looks a little like Caribou in...
  39. [Discussion] Re: Another topic about what SHs already have haki

    I think that all strawhats that are supposed to have haki have already learned it because rayleigh said to luffy that they have only 2 years so he will try to teach him the basics, which means that...
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    [Shounen] Re: Rave Master by Mashima Hiro

    does anyone know where can i find chapters 221-244 translated, i can't find them anywhere
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