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  1. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 42 Discussion / 43 Predictions

    One thing for sure, we know that Ryner's bite wound on his arm regenerated while only under exposure of sunlight. So the theory of them being unable to transform in underground is possible.
  2. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 42 Discussion / 43 Predictions

    As a cool, armored badass titan, he shouldn't have even the slightest fear of death from a 4m class titan, no?

    Edit: Or was it 3m class?
  3. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 42 Discussion / 43 Predictions

    Something i can't make sense of is, if Ryner were actually the armored titan (which he is), why would be he having thought of death when they were trying to blockade the stairway?
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    [Discussion] Re: Hunter x Hunter Hangout Thread

    Togashi tends to get technical with his storytelling, which is why i SOOOOOOOOOO love him and HxH. The thing is, i can bear with horrid art and still enjoy the reading. So idon't mind his drawing at...
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    Re: Hunter x Hunter 309 Discussion / 310 Prediction

    So, i'm kinda having some trouble with the latest chapter. I got a few questionable trivia to ask, those are:

    1. When Meruem flashed his "en" earlier, why didn't he sense the presence of Werefin's...
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    Sticky: [Society] Re: Religious Discussion and Q&A Thread

    What misconception/misperception are we actually talking about here?
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    Re: One Piece Mega Convo Thread

    I get hooked to One Piece since Zoro vs Mihawk battle, the first time i realize the potential of this manga. It is occasionally childish but the fun moment it makes topples everything. What good is a...
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