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  1. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 287 Discussion/ 288 Predictions

    pretty epic usual laxus shows why he's so cool.....I expected more from raven tail though
  2. Re: HSDK Chapter 477 Discussions/478 Predictions

    its good to see the elder back in action....other than that i wasnt really feeling this not a fan of jihan so its not like i was happy to see him...for all i care he could have remained...
  3. Re: HSDK Chapter 476 Discussions/477 Predictions

    So now a war begins...did not see that coming. Although I wasnt a fan of the demon fist am a bit sad he went out that way. Really wanted to see more from him against other opponents. oh yea I love...
  4. Replies

    Poll: Re: Favorite Mage(s)

    I chose the following :
    laxus : this guy is just way to cool for someone not to like him. His power and confidence makes him one of my fav
    Natsu : natsus reactions always make me lol....and his...
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    Poll: Re: Your Own Magic!

    i would definitely go with gildarts disassemble magic.....There would be no need for using doors, just pass through any and everything like a boss. And if someone says Hey you are destroying...
  6. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 285 Spoiler Thread

    great chapter...natsu's and makarov's reaction always make me lol. Cant wait to see laxus in action.
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    Re: HSDK 475 Discussion/476 Predictions

    pretty cool move from hongo....didnt see that one coming.....I think this match has gone on long enough with basically the same outcome ( hongo fighting for his life )....hopefully this match is...
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