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  1. [Anime] Re: Naruto Shippuuden Episode 119 – 120 Discussion

    Best Episodes sinch Shippuuden started in my opinion...
    I literally had tears and had to pause it when Obito died lol
    Hope it continues with this level of amazingness, i rarely watch the anime...
  2. [Shoujo] Re: [Shoujo] Kaichou wa Maid-sama! by Fujiwara Hiro

    ahhh just loved that scene with the chocolate stick thing was sooo smex!
    need chp 39 now!

    and i like hinata... but like usui more ;)
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    Re: Romance (and society) in Naruto

    I definitely agree with the Kushina/Sakura similarities. My initial impression of Kush was that she looked so much like Sakura, her eyes and everything...
    and not to be shallow but don't Naruto and...
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    Re: Romance (and society) in Naruto

    i think hinata has her idea of love kind of warped to be honest... she feels a connection with naruto because she wants to be like him, she admires him, but i don't think that is love, personally....
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    Re: Naruto 437 Discussion/438 Predictions Thread - Part 1

    I think the fourth still being alive would completely ruin the whole plot.. why would he have left naruto for all those years if he was alive? it's completely out of character from what we know about...
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    Re: Introduction Thread - Part 2

    Hey everyone =)
    I thought I would introduce myself.. i had a membership before but didn't come online for a while so completely forgot what it was.. didn't post much though =P
    I love love love...
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