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  1. [Favorites] Re: The Fairest of Them All: A Claymore Character Tournament

    huh, clare vs ophelia? my two faves vs one another. sadly i'll have to give that one to ophelia when they come up as i fantasize way more about ophelia. :P
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Ophelia vs Audrey

    part of the problem with this fight is the organization themselves said their current generation was weaker then the previous. a serious drawback considering what they did. this plus audry seemed to...
  3. [Discussion] Re: Why Raki-chan is loved by so many girls but not by that many boys

    hm... i find your raki discussion interesting. though i am not a huge raki fan, i do like him because i can identify with him far more. though he has grown some alpha qualities, i believe he is...
  4. Thread: Ophelia

    by mortalshinobi

    [Discussion] Re: Ophelia

    figures i'll post here since ophelia is like my fantasy waifu. lol.
    anyways, as far as the questions, i don't think she was ever raki or clare's friend. her mind for the most part was warped and...
  5. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who here likes Raki as a character in the story?

    me, being not overly strong for a guy, kinda like him since he kinda represents us guys who aren't that big or powerful and i like strong women. so yeah, i kinda like that he's emotional and not as...
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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Favourite Claymore character??

    in order. ophelia, though evil and twisted some how allured me in the end, so she's number one for me.
    clare- i like quiet strong women
    miria- logical, strong but soft too
    irene- kinda like a...
  7. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Claymore pairings/best couples/wife candidates

    despite someone's obvious hate for claki, clare and raki is nearly set in stone that it will happen, though, even i as a claki fan am disappointed in how yagi bridged their gap in the whole "blob"...
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