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    [Discussion] Re: The mysteries of One Piece

    One more people seem to forget about.

    The mysterious floran triangle, which predated Gecko Moria, when the one piece crew was finally leaving it, a pair of eyes were watching them leaving.

  2. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 798 Spoiler Discussion

    Oh dear, looks like I was wrong XD
    I had judged from the previous chapters spoiler notes that the bullets fired off as duds, which made me believe the guns had fired, but the bullets didn't leave...
  3. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 797 Spoiler Discussion

    The bit about the marines falling down but not from a CoC blast interests me.

    As far as I can see, only 2 characters could have done that. The obvious choice would be Law, otherwise you'd be...
  4. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 796 Spoiler Discussion

    Whatever became of Sengoku's pet goat goat =(...
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    [Discussion] Re: One Piece's pace.

    ^ Bellamy? He for the best part got off shotted XD that's even worse than one shotted!
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    Sticky: [Special] Re: One Piece Party

    I genuinely did laugh at the Mini Merry moment on #2.

    Their not terrible either. Interesting to see the panels the assistant used a reference to draw from. I imagined some he followed the...
  7. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 795 Discussion / 796 Prediction

    I think he could be onto something, didn't Garp say the 4 emperors rule the new world seas back when he visited Luffy just after Enies Lobby?

    Perhaps it also means (and that panel foreshadows)...
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    [Discussion] Re: One Piece's pace.

    Iv just been rereading from the end of Alabasta and found one thing that challenged me is the number of characters that had a lot of time and development put into them, like say Paulie from Galley...
  9. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 795 Discussion / 796 Prediction

    My moneys on the Ope Ope fruit theory with Kaido's invincibility.

    Also nice call on that 3rd samurai, I was wondering what happened with him. Also if that is Zou, then hello to Law's crew finally!...
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    [Discussion] Re: What will be Caesar's fate?

    Now that you mention Buggy... Could he join Buggy's crew? XD (BUGGY promoted to Yonkou theories incoming!)

    Law was quite fixed on keeping Caeser hostage, despite all the trouble it caused, to...
  11. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 794 Discussion / 795 Prediction - Break Next Week

    I had one interesting thought concerning that Luffy now has his own Vivre paper. With the number of potential allies he's just made. Its a possibility many of those allies will take a piece of the...
  12. [Theory] Re: Ex-Shichibukai Crocodile and Doflamingo working together?

    the fact that hes likely a women seems just a tall tale rumour spread amongst fans! The true secret could still be anything! I personally liked the one some one made about him possibly being White...
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    [Discussion] Re: One Piece's pace.

    ^ Isn't the purpose obvious, don't you even find it a tiny bit interesting to put a perspective on? Was the latest arc pulled off just as good as the previous longest arc Water 7 through Enies Lobby...
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    [Discussion] One Piece's pace.

    To put things in perspective Iv been looking at how many chapters some of the arcs took to complete, Dressrosa is one of the longest at roughly* 100 chapters! Its so crazy long its hard to even read...
  15. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 793 Discussion / 794 Prediction

    ah, mangastreams version truly does make a lot more sense.
    Also good catch on Capone with Big Mom.

    One last thing I wanted to make sure of... Is this the first actual smile Smoker has EVER made?
  16. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 793 Spoiler Discussion

    I already had the feeling we wont be seeing Luffy having a party on the island. There are WAY too many big shots with their attention pointed directly at dressrosa, so more than likely a need to...
  17. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 792 Discussion / 793 Prediction

    Stupid thinking, maybe dispatching Shichibukai will trigger Buggy's grudge against Luffy more, since its like... His 'sweeeeeeeet' gig, then Luffy had to go and RUIN it! Those darn Straw hats! AGAIN!...
  18. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 789 Discussion / 790 Predictions

    ^ Because think for 2 more seconds on that sweety!
    You'll quickly see the many reasons why you would want a buffer ahead of a schedule.
    You could even compare it to how Anime keeps its pace behind...
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    [Discussion] Re: How would awakened fruits look like?

    so at least the clone CAN pee strings? XD CONFIRMED
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    [Discussion] Re: Crocodile powerscaling

    I starting to think after reading this thread I just want to say... from here on... ALL characters power levels in the WB war just shouldn't count!

    Luffy = Still recovering from recent poisoning...
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    [Discussion] Re: How would awakened fruits look like?

    I think you are all forgetting one of the next most important string of questions we should be asking Oda!...

    With Awakening, can Doffy make his weiner stringy?
  22. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 764 Discussion / 765 Prediction

    Ubel Blat is a weird choice to include there, he's a hero killer XD and hasn't really taken up any plans as to what he'd do AFTER killing all the traitors,,, Sorry wrong place for this haha :3
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    Poll: [Question] Re: Manga, Anime, or Both?

    ^ OMG that's SO much better! This I COULD watch! XD THANK you very much!
    Yeah the lack of budget still shows really badly... But the pace is improved SO MUCH it's not so painful anymore.
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    Poll: [Question] Re: Manga, Anime, or Both?

    ^ yeah far as anime goes... I wish I could find things that could impress me as much as Cowboy Bebop did, it was just in a class of it's own and very few animes since have as much oomth and budget...
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    [Discussion] Re: Who is your Favorite Strawhat ?

    I tossed up between Brook or Sanji and took Brook! Because his jokes hit my funny bones! Yohohohohoo!
    It's gotta be that relaxed and eccentric attitude "relax all we can do is wait til the others...
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    Poll: [Question] Re: Manga, Anime, or Both?

    I would LIKE to watch the anime, but the pace kills any thrill I could have wanted from it.

    If I had it my way, I would take the anime and chop it down to the necessary parts. I would speedup...
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    [Discussion] Re: General SBS Discussion Thread

    I'd like to think there are multiple applications to each type of Haki yes. We've already got a pretty good diverse range from each of them. Hardening yourself to hardening weapons, speeding yourself...
  28. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 763 Discussion / 764 Prediction

    I think the best part of that is that he's done it so casually too. No flailing about reactions, just really absent minded XD

    Wasn't it mentioned in last weeks discussion predictions that Bellamy...
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    [Discussion] Re: General SBS Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed the elaboration on the detail in certain panels you'd otherwise have missed out on. Like the time Sanji threatened to put razor blades in Zoro's food, and then Zoro's next dinner is very...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Dressrosa Subplot Bucket List

    The only missing parts to add flavour to this is the foreshadowing towards the upcoming arcs too don't ya think?

    Shabondy was foreshadowing the upcoming war with Whitebeard vs the shichibukai +...
  31. [Question] Re: Will we see a full-body COA imbued Luffy against Doflamingo?

    I wonder if the reason why Vergo used full body might be because he has no observation though? You might question his skills of observation were down.

    Which might also mean it stretches your...
  32. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 760 Discussion/ 761 Prediction

    I think the history of DD's relationship with Law and his crew are the last pieces of his judgemental past we should piece together...

    First is a question being "what's the difference between...
  33. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 760 Discussion/ 761 Prediction

    I agree that DD shouldn't be defeated anytime soon. More than likely it will go this way >

    Luffy will continue fighting DD for a chapter or 2 give or take some pages for flash backs

    Catching up...
  34. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 757 Discussion/ 758 Prediction

    This the page your talking about?

    "When they enter the fighting competition, the 4 of them have a 100% chance of winning"

    I always assumed this meant Lao G, Mach Byce, Senor Pink and Derringer...
  35. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 756 Discussion/ 757 Prediction

    Could Kanjurou draw him a new leg? Albeit a bad sucky looking leg but a leg none the less
  36. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 756 Discussion/ 757 Prediction

    I get the feeling Rebecca may get knocked out just before Kyros arrives, in order to make Diamante a bigger prick in our eyes and anger Kyros even more.
  37. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 755 Discussion/ 756 Prediction

    I frequently visit here, and basically the first 5 pages have no discussion in them, just people feeling like saying whether or not they loved or hate it, I'm trying to swim through these love/hate...
  38. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 755 Discussion/ 756 Prediction

    You do get where I'm coming from right, I would like to ask if a mod could put up a different thread labelled "Post here to complain about One Piece" FOR all these readers that I'll quote jamarTheDem...
  39. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 755 Discussion/ 756 Prediction

    Least JamarTheDem knows One Piece well. It is like a puzzle that takes time to unravel.

    Of course reading the chapter week by week seemingly reveals nothing, but when reading large portions of the...
  40. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 755 Discussion/ 756 Prediction

    Christ keep it some where else your rants about "urrr this chapter disappointed me!". If you want eye candy go read Naruto Bleach and Fairy Tail.

    I actually found it funny.
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    Re: Luffy,2nd devil fruit, and ace

    ^ are you thinking of something like the effect in Pandora hearts? 2 personalities in 1 person? One secretly sleeping who could potentially wrestle with the Luffy we know and love now.
  42. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Oda: One Piece might last another decade

    Forget about grandchildren, it'd stink if I died before seeing One Piece to its conclusion!... Even though... Waiting that long would also stink!... I have some foul smells to compare here...
  43. [Discussion] Re: Why all female characters have the same backstory?

    That's funny actually, MY PARENTS WERE KILLED! BY A HERO!
  44. [Theory] Re: My Theory on Jewelry Bonney and how she will cross pathes with the Straw Hat crew.

    Well its not much of a theory so much as its obvious. The only bits your missing out on that everyone else is already theorizing is that her DF powers are possibly used to rejuvinate the 5 Elder...
  45. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 751 Discussion/ 752 Prediction

    Maybe its closer to love. Since Dressrosa has a lot of passion about it, everyones feeling some form of it, but its centered around family bonds stronger than anything else
  46. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 751 Discussion/ 752 Prediction

    You know... It only just hit me... which might be stupid but... Do you remember a long time ago Oda revealed some of his older arcs were based upon something? Such as the baratie and Dog Krieg based...
  47. Poll: Re: Writing a "get well letter" to Oda by the MH community!(Nurse Oda back to health competition is a go!)

    *LETS a tear run own his face*
    It looks beautiful! Also AWESOME work to everyone involved here! I was gonna say great work Josef but everyone else would need naming too then! I shouldn't pick...
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    [Discussion] Re: The new Cover story is on Jimbei

    Well sure if you forgot the cover stories of where they landed while Luffy was running around in Impel Down
  49. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 751 Discussion/ 752 Prediction

    Its gotta be too early for a real confrontation between Luffy and Doffy though... But maybe Doffy will just try to cause a cave in on top of Luffy to buy time... Maybe? Ah I dunno. Still seems too...
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    [Question] Re: Law's Crew: Really waiting at Zo?

    Law can maintain his crew, like Doflamingo is allowed and Crocodile and Moria. They HAVE to be his nakama working under him though, unlike the Straw hats who were an "alliance" which is why Law's...
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