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  1. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 189 Discussion/190 Predictions

    Karaka you bastard...

    Androssi & Baam's date...
  2. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 187 Discussion/188 Predictions

    Okay my reaction to this chapter was

    I mean seriously...I'm just not impressed by...
  3. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 177 Discussion/178 Predictions

    I think, the destruction of Emile's Housing Unit Door is not cause by Lero-Ro's ally but by someone else, probably by the Traveler who wants to save Emile or something because Lero-Ro's ally is...
  4. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 172 Discussion/173 Predictions

    I knew it! Something just has to happen at the end to ruin everything!!!! <_>
    They've let their guards down just because they saw Baam's happy face!! And that's when Beta goes in to ruin the day!...
  5. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 169 Discussion/170 Predictions

    Hahaha. he sure is naive! :toc
    Putting that aside, Rak sure is so funny! "This turtle is his wife." :x3
    And Yihwa who's still in denial is like..."Stop talking nonsense." :facepalm

    I bet it's...
  6. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God - Chapter 152 Discussion / 153 Predictions

    Oh yeah that was one awesome chapter with a badass Baam in it!!! :zomg
    Hell yeah Red Hawk is obviously Rak! :teehee and weew ah brief appearance of Koon, but he still looks hot! :fangirl
    Novik and...
  7. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 149 Discussion/Predictions

    The only thing I can say right now is that Mr. Mask is obviously Koon!!! :cheez

    ---------- Post added at 06:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:06 PM ----------

    Wow...that's quite...
  8. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 142 Discussion/143 Predictions

    Kyaaa!!! The fight between Anak and Ran was sooo cool! :zomg
    too bad baam had to interupt... :p
    but I still love baam! :swoon
    And... OMG! Hatsu's sword broke? did I saw that correctly? :o
  9. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 140 Discussion/141 Predictions

    No shit! So finally it begins...:celebrate The latest chapter is so awesome!! :zomg Miseng and Prince will get married! lol! :teehee
    ..And of course Koon is still as awesome as ever,such a...
  10. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 139 Discussion/140 Predictions

    Hahaha...Yeah I'm looking forward to see that too. :)
    I hope she recognize him! :teehee
  11. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 139 Discussion/140 Predictions

    Yay Love! :teehee
    Although I want Baam to end up with Yihwa...or maybe Yuri. :plot
  12. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 139 Discussion/140 Predictions

    Wow. thanks. :clap2
    Hahaha... so I guessed right even thought I missed or forgot about that part. :XD
  13. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 139 Discussion/140 Predictions

    Woooohhh!! So Baam introduces himself to traveler as Baam, his old name... :heh
    And Androssi gets to meet him first! :toc I wish she would recognize him.
    I'm thinking that there's a...
  14. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 137 Discussion/138 Predictions

    Hahaha...Fanboys of Androssi... :fan
    Onward with the game! :x3
  15. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 136 Discussion/137 Predictions

    Whew...The was one hell of a chapter...:zomg
    Finally the tournament is going to start...:wtf
    Damn, I feel bad about Koon not being able to tell the others that he and Baam are still alive! :scry...
  16. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 135 Discussion/136 Predictions

    Regarding the teams...are there suppose to be only eight members, or can there be more than eight? :confused:
  17. Replies

    [Favorites] Re: Tower of God - Your Favourite Quotes

    Koon: I'm a Light Bearer not because I'm weak at close's because I like giving orders.

    Love this! :teehee
  18. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 135 Discussion/136 Predictions

    Wow...I really liked Baam's outfit at the beginning of this chapter. :wub
    Hahaha! Damn it's really funny how Koon is training Wangnan and the others...they looked so worn out! :teehee
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Tower of God Hangout

    I really adore Tower Of God! :zomg
    Although I admit that at first I only read it because I had nothing else to do and I never thought I would get addicted to it this much... :sweatdrop
    Anyway my...
  20. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 134 Discussion/135 Predictions

    Yay! I've just read the latest chapter before going home from work!! :^_^
    Koon really is the best! :super Go koon you can do it, save your bestfriend! :pleased
    As for Dan... :blink wow, who would...
  21. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 133 Discussion/134 Predictions

    Damn, that bitch! She was so aggravated with the fact that Dan won't help her so she did that to him... :mad
    Awww... Koon somehow gets it that Viole is actually Baam! :amuse
    What'll happen to him...
  22. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 133 Spoilers

    Hahaha! IKR! They still look the same, unlike what I was expecting... :jawdrop
    Yeah! Koon is so cute there...:teehee
    I want the translation now!!!!! :waah
  23. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Top 5 Reasons to hate Naruto

    I'm really not a fan of Naruto and I don't get why people can be so psyched about it, but I don't hate it. :^_^
  24. Replies

    Re: What are you currently listening to? - Part 3

    Cause all I need... Is a beauty and a beat, who can make my life complete... :teehee
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    [Shounen] Re: Midori Days

    I haven't read the manga of Midori Days but I did watch the anime and it's good! :teehee
  26. Replies

    [Shounen] Re: Bleach by Kubo Tite

    I'm a fan of bleach, since the very beginning of the story I think it has it's own up and downs...and right now I still think it's okay although I haven't read the latest chapter. :^_^
  27. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 132 Discussion/133 Predictions

    Yeah! I know right! hahaha! that would be so cool! I really love Yuri's character. :zomg
  28. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 132 Discussion/133 Predictions

    Yay! I'm so glad that Koon is alive! :super
    Well this is an event that I didn't expect... Ran & Novic joining Baam's new team...
    And Koon being found by Yeon and the others!!! What'll happen now???...
  29. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 130 Discussion/131 Predictions

    Yeah the chapter was good and surprising indeed!!! The idea of what happened never once occurred to me!

    I guess he's still thinking about FUG's order, it was never his intention to disobey them...
  30. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 129 Discussion/130 Predictions

    Sucker for me, but I've just read the latest chapter now, and it was AWESOME!!!! :zomg
    Koon and Baam are going to meet!! Yay! I just hope they won't get into a misunderstanding and ends up fighting...
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