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    Sticky: [Request] Re: Member Status Change Request

    I am a spanish Intl translator, I've been here for a while xD

  2. [Request] Re: Make translation language default english, not japanese

    I guess that this should work like the chapter gap, I mean that the default language gap should be empty and if you forget to change it you CAN'T submit your translation. Isn't that right? Or if this...
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    [Support] Re: General Suggestions

    I just have a little suggestion, I am currently translating Pyuu to Fuku Jaguar into spanish and its name is all in capital letters. Like this (PYUU TO FUKU JAGUAR) and is kinda ugly. Would you mind...
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    Re: Spanish Thread

    No pasa nada xD Y si que los he visto. Simplemente AMAZING :o :o A mi me parecia que esta iba a ser una saga un tanto aburrida como la de Skypie pero entonces el gran ODA me viene con esto. Grande...
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    Re: Spanish Thread

    WTF!? Giniro? xD es con "K", Bueno... si los únicos que me piden traducciones son de Dragon piece... pues todas para ellos ^^ Lástima que ya no traduzcas semanales...

    No sabía que este Thread...
  6. [Miscellaneous] Re: Manga Trick -- View Jp and Eng manga together! by NJT

    Thank you!! It's very useful!
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    Poll: [Feedback] Re: The new Shoutbox Format!

    It's nice but I don´t know if it would work... you could use an image like the ones we have in the left menu in order to make it neater and more beautiful and I also agree of what it have been said...
  8. [Shounen] Re: .Hack//GU

    In my own web we have scanlated 5 .Hack//G.U. chapters buuuut it-s in spanish :blink but if you want you can have a look... soon i will translate it to english so everyone can enjoy it! xD my web is...
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