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    [Done] Re: [JP] Need help with sentences

    Don't mind if I do then.

    The following part is the conversation leading up to the first sentence about retreating the soldiers I had trouble with. Now it's more a "Did I get this right?" than a...
  2. [Done] Re: [JP] Sentences in polite and archaic language

    You're right, that's it! It wasn't Virgil who corrected her, but Mary corrected herself after she called him Count of Manchester. Thank you!
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    Sticky: [Help] Re: Request a Full Translation Check

    Hi there! I would like to request some help for the Trinity Blood chapter 57.

    In the previous chapters, the Department of Inquisition, led by Petros, and a contingent of soldiers led by Mary have...
  4. [Done] Re: [JP] Sentences in polite and archaic language

    Thank you so much for your help! My problem with the second sentence was that I thought Virgil (the vampire) said it, so of course the translation didn't make any sense. But now that I checked it's...
  5. [Done] [JP] Sentences in polite and archaic language

    Introduction. Mary is a human colonel and Virgil a vampire noble.

    Mary: こんばんは
    Good evening,
    Count of Manchester.

    Virgil: いや
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    [Done] Re: [JP] Need help with sentences

    Thank you so much for the fast answer. This helps a great deal!

    I'm rather new at posting translation requests here. I have more problematic sentences. Do I continue to post them to this thread or...
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    [Done] [JP] Need help with sentences

    Some info on the scene: Alessandro has just been rescued and Pietro suggests they bring him above ground to safety. Mary and Howard, however, want to continue their mission, because they think...
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    [Anime] Re: Code geass

    I'm very much looking forward to the second season. Hopefully the plot is goping to be as good as in S1.

    Rather than Suzaku, I hope Lulu is not going to be killed like Light at the end (I can see...
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