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  1. [Discussion] Re: Why do people join the Bishokukai if Midora isn't going to share GOD?

    midora can make those cook reach foods and ingredients that some of them would never see if they were on their own.

    also cooking the ingredient might be honour enough
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    [Discussion] Re: A Third Faction - Jidar Kingdom?

    they might not have a direct impact like the other two but have more of a supporting role
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    Re: Greetings~!

    whats up mate
  4. [Discussion] Re: Oda is planning on retiring after One Piece finishes

    it should be a mistranslation.
    oda didnt say that he wants to quit but only do a short lasting...
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    [Movie] Re: One Piece Gets New Film Set in New World Arc

    that was said most likely because he wanted to hint at the timeskip.
    if toei wants to do another one they have no reason to stop.
    they could make it like the other arc retellings and just add...
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    [Seinen] Re: MPD Psycho by Otsuka Eiji & Tajima Sho-u

    stopped it after 1 vol.
    the art was good but the bg was a bit lacking, did that change over the time?

    it was crazy enough tho lol
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    [Movie] Re: One Piece Gets New Film Set in New World Arc

    they shouldve done a movie about the whitebeard war first. wasnt that the time were the volumes broke all the charts?
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    [Games] Re: One Piece Gigant Battle: Shin Sekai

    game is good, better than the first.

    missions are also harder from an earlier standpoint than in gb1 where it would get difficult only in the latter parts. the amount of characters are great and...
  9. [Discussion] Re: When Luffy meets his father, Dragon, what will happen?

    luffy wouldnt feel a deep connection to dragon. maybe after they beat a common enemy.
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