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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 636 Discussion / 637 Prediction

    well...frankys ahoulders say BF-37 and the mecha says BF-38
    so i believe it is safe to assume that the mecha is superior to franky, at least in armor, strenght and weapons (we still dont know if...
  2. Re: alphabeta's review of Bakuman 129: Youth and Destiny

    your reviews are really fun, i like reading them
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    Re: Bakuman 115 Discussion / 116 Prediction

    the similarities of enigma and the new work are justo un the page qhere they mentioned enigma, being trapped in the school with a mysterios voice telling you that you are participatiing in a survival...
  4. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama... - 2nd edition

    random idea:
    what if the shark was a fishman who ate a shark zoan df
    i mean, it was using clothes so it is posible, and i dont remember a part where it says that a fish zoan df doesnt exist
  5. Re: What did Madara mean when he said Nagato was the third of the Six Paths?

    correct me if i am wrong but this is probably all a mistranslation, in the sleepyfans version he refers to nagato as "the third sage of the six paths" meaning that nagato was the third human having...
  6. Re: Why didn't Kabuto summon Jiraiya with the rest of the "notable" ninjas?

    what do you mean by putting deidaras´s pieces together, edo tensei doesnt use the REAL body of the summoned person, it is mud or something similar
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    [Discussion] Re: What stops pirates from reaching raftel?

    i just read the thread about if luffy would die when one piece ends, and noticed the time that the travel took to roger (30 years) and the strawhats (the first half took them 6 months - 1 years so we...
  8. Replies

    Poll: Re: Will there new mega epic jutsus be intoduced?

    complementing the above post
    even though we can asume that yamato is dead meat, naruto should no longer be in need of him because there is no danger of him turning into kyubi mode, and without that...
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    Sticky: [Anime] Re: Bakuman Episode Discussion Thread

    hello, this is shounen jack editorial department XD
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    [Discussion] Re: New Straw Hat Tier (Post Time-Skip)

    i think its more like this
    1. Luffy
    2. Zoro
    3. Sanji
    4. Robin
    5. Franky
    6. Usopp
    7. Chopper
    8. Nami
    9. Brook
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    [Discussion] Re: Mashiro and...?

    i am not really sure but this page tell me that he may end teaming up with iwase, but as some people have said before, writting on his own or wrtting the story of a new character is also a posibility
  12. Replies

    Re: Bakuman 104 Spoiler Discussion

    i think that happened because the editor may want to have the second series running in shonen 3, after all saiko (or at least ashirogi muto) is good at drawing, thats my opinion though
  13. Poll: [Favorites] Re: Marineford arc : the best or the worse Arc ?

    actually, the concept of haki has been around since day 1
    this happened in the first chapter and i think its haki with the color of the conqueror
  14. Replies

    Re: Will there be a gear 4

    everyone here saying that gear 2 and 3 are damaging luffy´s body are forgeting one very little detail, chopper! :D, he wants to become the best doctor in the world capable of curing any disease so i...
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    Re: Bakuman 102 Discussion / 103 Prediction

    yeah but shiratori was the best at drawing of the 3 asisstants, so he will need someone to make up for the loss and that one would be nakai
  16. Replies

    Re: Bakuman 101 Discussion / 102 Prediction

    but then she wont be the heroine in ashirogi muto´s manga, therefore, their dream wont be true
  17. Replies

    Re: Bakuman 101 Discussion / 102 Prediction

    i think that takagi will write the story for shiratori and saiko will call nakai to be his new asistant, that way he coul relax a litle in the drawings of PCP and with that extra time create a new...
  18. Replies

    Re: Bakuman 98 Discussion/ 99 Predictions

    i just made an acount to post this
    in the chapter where the editors took a vote to decide if PCP would win against eiji series, the editor n chief said that he didnt thought that PCP would win if it...
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