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    [Discussion] Can Sasuke be considered a "final villain"?

    I feel like the series was rushed way too quick in preparation for Naruto: The Last (which obviously was created months in advance and they probably didn't want to delay the movie).

    I still don't...
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    [Predictions] The Final Villain: Sasuke / Orochimaru

    Kishi has been hyping up this final battle between Sasuke and Naruto for a very long time but he has also been careful with his words in previous chapters, constantly giving "on-screen-time" to...
  3. [Discussion] Re: Official dissapointment in Madara, Obito & the entire war arc thread

    kishimoto's writing is a good example of having a lot of "cool ideas" you want to implement while RUSHING to a finish. the real problem in this war arc stems from the fact that there is no...
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    [Discussion] Re: Naruto is Ending or it's a start of a new Naruto Project??

    there's no real point in dragging out the series even further.
    the main characters have already reached the pinnacle of power alluded to from the beginning of the series. kishimoto has no pillar of...
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    [Discussion] Re: So Naruto Manga is about to end?

    if it does end sometime in october that gives about 12 chapters remaining... i don't see it ending that fast tbh

    i think it would take at least 2-3 chapters solely for the aftermath and the battle...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 668 Discussion / 669 Predictions

    8th gate = gain temporary power greater than that of a hokage

    tsunade and raikage = hokage level

    i don't think kishimoto is going to make gai have an epic fail moment, ESPECIALLY in his last...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 668 Discussion / 669 Predictions

    gai will most likely deal a decent/significant amount of damage to madara since it would basically be crapping on his grave for him to deal no damage right before his epic death.

    plus the series...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 664 Discussion / 665 Predictions

    cool things came up with this chapter,

    1) the entity that people thought would be kabuto, might not be kabuto. is karin unable to sense kabuto because he merged so many people into himself? it...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 663 Discussion / 664 Predictions

    it seems like the 4th will have to sacrifice himself asap in order to save naruto.. damn i really wanted to see minato fight more before his death, i hope so...

    and it looks like sasuke's sealing...
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    [Question] Re: How should Attack on Titan End?

    i hope it ends with eren's sacrifice giving humanity some time to prepare for an imminent future attack or whatever/provide a glimmer of hope somehow.. and this entire time we have been hearing about...
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    Poll: Re: Potential Final Villain and Endings for Naruto

    maybe, but kishimoto always has some magic explanation that we are forced to accept even if it doesn't go by the original formula. plus, orochimaru has never transferred bodies the same way he...
  12. [Discussion] Re: Could Naruto and Sasuke eventually surpass Hashirama and Madara?

    yes, it's already been foreshadowed in the manga.

    hashirama says naruto can surpass him
    orochimaru says sasuke can surpass madara
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    Poll: Re: Potential Final Villain and Endings for Naruto

    it fulfilled my prediction of madara somehow sacrificing obito. and isn't it obvious there were only two possible outcomes for that to happen?
    = madara's will rod OR the black zetsu who was impaled...
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    Poll: Re: Potential Final Villain and Endings for Naruto

    yeah and who manipulated obito?
    = inherited madara's will = made obito become "bad"

    madara is the source of the problem as it was his will that was inherited by the uchiha decades later, which is...
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    Poll: Re: Well...

    In order to predict how Kishimoto tends to write, you have to see what he has done in the past. I'm not saying I am an expert but judging by how he has written, so far, every enemy who turned out to...
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    Poll: Re: Well...

    Sasuke CANNOT be a villain to the people of Konoha if he wants to RULE Konoha. If that were the case (no one would accept him to begin with) HE himself would need Eternal Tsukuyomi to make him the...
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    Poll: Potential Final Villain and Endings for Naruto

    i have a lot to say, so i'll keep it short and sweet
    i made a prediction of orochimaru being revived + previous kages and they were true-- if that adds any value to my predictions..

  18. Thread: Madara thread

    by YEEKUZA

    Re: Madara's Trump Card

    i think there is something more sinister behind the moon eye plan than what we are told it's for. the fact that madara WANTED to be revived is why we can question madara's true intention for eternal...
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    [Discussion] Re: Talk-No-Jutsu

    i can see talk-no-jutsu capable of being successfully applied to every villain in the series but orochimaru and madara. madara has already made it clear that it's his way or the highway and even...
  20. [Discussion] Re: "The last person in the world who should possess it is you... Eren."

    i highly doubt eren can cause the titans in the walls to wake up primarily because they seem like human-titans (there are no mindless insanely tall titans that we know of). the real question is how...
  21. [Discussion] Re: "The last person in the world who should possess it is you... Eren."

    like the time when eren had a hard time transforming into a titan, (because he lacks focus/doesn't know who the "real" enemy is) as he is unable to transform into a titan at will like...
  22. [Discussion] Re: 'Sasuke will eventually become stronger than Madara' is complete BS

    Just wanted to add that being stronger than someone doesn't necessarily mean you can deal the same amount of damage to the environment. Hashirama and Madara may be able to change the landscape with...
  23. [Discussion] Re: Why the new Naruto motive is different from the Old Naruto motive.

    old naruto: originally doesn't aspire to be a "hero", but to simply be looked at on an equal level to everyone else instead of being despised etc. he only picks a heroic figure like the "hokage"...
  24. [Theory] Sasuke PWRUP, Uchiha Massacre, Infinite Tsukuyomi

    So far, there has been no REAL explanation regarding Obito's interest in attacking Konoha/Uchiha (we've only been given Itachi's POV/understanding) and if Obito could care less about reality, why...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 645 Discussion / 646 Predictions

    on the matter of if naruto will lose the kyuubi, it only makes sense if the tailed beasts are eliminated from the world by the end of the series... otherwise i don't see a point in them existing in a...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 645 Discussion / 646 Predictions

    if everyone does get sucked into a dream world, this should be sasuke's opportunity to get a power up through meeting his loved ones etc even though everything would be fake... then naruto and sasuke...
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    [Discussion] Re: Naruto isnt ending soon

    i'm looking for source but i read somewhere it will end before the release of the next naruto movie, and the movie comes out july/shortly after
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    [Discussion] Re: Naruto isnt ending soon

    the series ends before july 2014, that gives less than 50 chapters remaining

    also, the final villain will most likely be orochimaru


    1) if naruto series wasn't popular, orochimaru would...
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    [Discussion] Re: Fatality on Obito?

    minato needs to stop him, i think the manga already hints at minato saying if he knew back then he might've been able to change things, but it didn't say he was too late. minato had his naruxhina...
  30. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 642 Discussion / 643 Predictions

    looks like the series will be pushing well into 2014, as there will probably be another 19 or so chapters this year and that most likely won't cover obito, madara, orochimaru and sasuke.

    and some...
  31. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 642 Discussion / 643 Predictions

    this chapter has shown that the only real contenders against obito are sage mode users: naruto, orochimaru, and hashirama
  32. [Discussion] Re: Why the 5 great villages hasn't relied on edo tensei in the past?

    1) yes ofc they knew, that means tobirama must have used it during the 1st/2nd war, and some of the people you mentioned were alive in that time period. therefore there must be written documentation...
  33. [Discussion] Re: Why the 5 great villages hasn't relied on edo tensei in the past?

    1) it's tobirama's jutsu, so only he knows it, maybe hashirama, madara, orochimaru who stole secrets, kabuto, obito
    2) ethical problem, no one would probably use it unless it was in time of war
  34. [Discussion] Re: information and assumptions to consider...

    I don't think the dad is from the warrior faction because it seems that faction doesn't care about mankind. perhaps rein/annie/bert attacked the wall was to force the "coordinate" inward, making...
  35. [Favorites] Re: What do you like about Shingeki no Kyoujin, and what convinced you that it's worth reading?

    realistic character development (jean), mystery behind world of titans in general since all we were given is that mankind now lives in walls due to 107 years ago blah blah blah, possible political...
  36. [Discussion] information and assumptions to consider...

    the basement has information regarding the outside world, perhaps titans
    eren's dad said he would show eren what was inside the basement after eren spoke on his desire to see the outside world. had...
  37. [Theory] Re: As a titan shifter loses their mind they merge into the titan (proof)

    after rereading the manga, i believe this theory is wrong because in chapter 10: volume 3 complete pg 86 of 201, eren's eyes go back into his skull as he regains consciousness to his human self, not...
  38. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 47 Discussion / 48 Predictions

    i doubt that. i feel like character development is lacking for Levi, we only have a VERY brief background on him plus is he is the most popular character in the series... if Levi dies, not only will...
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    [Discussion] Re: Did Enton/Amaterasu just get Nerfed?

    i believe kishimoto is trying to show that sasuke alone cannot defeat the juubi/or anyone insanely strong with just amaterasu, he needs an equally strong wind style technique to help fuel his fire.
  40. [Discussion] Kishimoto: Rushed Writing and Repeating History?

    Kishimoto seems to be hinting hard that Sasuke will follow the path of Madara.
    What other way could the series go so that it would not be THAT boring?
    (not literally boring but redundant)

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    Poll: [Question] Re: What the hell is Oro planning.

    the only reason orochimaru would kill tsunade is to open a new hokage seat (to open the position for sasuke), but if he were to do that the remaining kages from the other villages would intervene so...
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    [Question] Re: How will Minato react to Obito ?

    obito doesn't care about minato... if he didn't care for him when he was alive why would he care for him now. minato is also a victim of the ninja system and so is obito, and everyone else in the...
  43. [Discussion] Re: Should Sasuke be Hokage or even a Hokage candidate?

    i believe Kishimoto only wrote that for Sasuke because he needs a reason for Sasuke to even be somewhat on equal ground (allied) with his former comrades. If anything, his statement is only to show...
  44. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Sasuke remains an asshole

    i believe kishimoto is trying to portray Sasuke as a new Madara or at least a new threat. Madara could not be reasoned with by Hashirama and the same will go for Sasuke. if anything, this is going...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 631 Spoiler Discussion

    sasuke: i will be the next hokage. END OF STORY
    konoha: nah man, where were you when naruto solo'd pain and revived all of us?
    konoha accepts naruto...
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    Poll: Re: Naruto's Ending

    abolishing the ninja system is not the answer to peace. look at the real world, which Kishimoto tries to mirror into the Naruto/ninja series. It will most likely end in a similar way DBZ ended, a...
  47. [Question] Re: Will Sasuke's entrance be more epic than Minato's?

    Sasuke's entrance will most likely occur at the end of a chapter to create hype which most likely means
    1) he arrives on the battlefield (stepfoot) or
    2) saves Naruto from a devastating attack with...
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    [Question] Re: Who will be revived?

    if anyone is going to talk it has to be Kakashi, because Kakashi knows him on an even more intimate level than Minato. I don't think Minato has any say to change his student's opinion on peace, as...
  49. Replies

    [Question] Re: Who will be revived?

    i don't really see Obito changing even after hearing those words from Kakashi. Obito is no longer the person he once was, the way Kakashi remembered him to be. Therefore killing Obito (present...
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    Poll: [Question] Re: Is Mugen Tsukuyomi really all that bad?

    well, it depends how deep and submerged people will be within infinite tsukuyomi. i'm assuming everyone has their desires fulfilled without them realizing it. however, real life is the same way to...
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