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  1. Sticky: [Help] Re: Short & Quick Translation Request Thread (Thread for members with little/no JP knowledge. OP for instruction.)

    Wish I can help but the text is too tiny for me to see (even with my glasses on). Somebody else might be able to read it?
  2. Thread: Manga Cover

    by hikochan

    [Help Wanted] Re: Manga Cover

    It just really depends on the intended size of your manga. But mostly, if you want the cover to go from back to front, you use double the size of your manga dimensions with a few allowances (to...
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    [Discussion] Re: Shoujo/Josei Mangaka

    Arina Tanemura - her art is pretty. Have you even seen the details in her drawings? Not A-grade but dang sun so nice. Her stories are meh to me.

    Matsuri Hino - again, art is totes...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Shoujo vs Josei

    I honestly prefer josei even though I grew up reading so much shoujo (Arina Tanemura, Youko Maki, Matsuri Hino) because shoujo's too... flowery for me nowadays. I mean, I like flowery stories and all...
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    [Discussion] Re: Hyouka by Honobu Yonezawa

    There's a group on Tumblr that's translating volume 4 and 5 of the Kotenbu series.
  6. Sticky: [Info] Re: What Light Novels are You Reading, What is Next on Your List

    If you count translating as reading, well yes, I'm actually reading the Kotenbu series right now.
    I also bought the Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou light novels but have only read like a few lines...
  7. Sticky: [Help] Re: Short & Quick Translation Request Thread (Thread for members with little/no JP knowledge. OP for instruction.)

    Had a go at it.

    Gundam Build Fighters, no matter how popular or how much demand there is for it, there's no way we can produce a new season. Besides, even if we had time for it, we haven't done...
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    [Discussion] Re: What BL Are You Reading/Watching?!

    I'm actually reading and translating Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku since I can't wait for the next release plus that art is amazing. If waiting for the next release is considered "reading" as well, I'm...
  9. [Discussion] Re: How long did it take you to learn Japanese and start reading RAW manga?

    It all depends on how fast you learn and retain all the information you study. For me, it took about half a year? 6 months or so, not sure. But even before I decided to continue my studying (I...
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    Sticky: [Info] Re: The Deviant Art Thread

    Ahahaha... I haven't even been uploading much. Heck, haven't been drawing much but hey, let's just link it either way.

    I had another account before this with...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Smut/Adult Content in Shoujo/Josei Series

    It just depends tbh. Most josei titles have smut in them, since I mean it's targeted for the older women out there. I avoid josei when I'm not in the mood for smut and vice versa for shoujo if I want...
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