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  1. [Help Wanted] Re: Looking for Artist for AWESOME COLLABORATION!!!!

    hey, hows it going, its been a long time sorry about the sudden disappearance for so long, its been a rough couple of year for me, but i finally got everything pushed aside and ready to create...
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    [Help Wanted] Re: if not interested in a serious help don't bother reading this thread

    For manga I usually go digital because it's very easy to get the proper line art for it, if you want to go the digital route my suggestions art to get manga studio or paint tool sai(there's a full...
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    [Help Wanted] Re: Writer looking for Manga Artist

    Hey I'm a young artist who want to give this a shot XD I'm not the best with anatomy but who's to say practice won't help? if you wanna look at some of my recent art work
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    Re: Looking for a few things

    Hey there, I was wondering if I could have a go with the cover (also if so do you only want a wolf on the cover or other things?)
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    Ameture seeking summer projects

    Ello,I'm Regi and I'm 15 and seeking for a summer projects.
    I've been looking for writers who have ides for a manga (or web comic)
    who needs an artist to help them out. Ill do any genre of manga...
  6. [Help Wanted] Re: Looking for Artist for AWESOME COLLABORATION!!!!

    :D hi im prince id be happy to see if i can colab with you and your ideas! ive been wanting to work with a writer on they're projects,it always seems so fun! if youd like id love to see your ideas...
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