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  1. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 343 Spoilers

    We're just saying Chao could have left behind some technology that could help them. I think that's unlikely though as Chachamaru would probably know of it and have already told Asuna and Negi.
  2. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 343 Spoilers

    It's certainly a possibility. You'd think Chachamaru would know if she did and have already told Negi and Asuna about it though, if that were the case.
  3. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 343 Spoilers

    Yeah they're really taking a long time with this chapter. I'm sad cnet seems to have halted his translations of MSN--his translations have way better English than the Red Hawk Scans releases.
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    [Discussion] Re: What artifact would you choose

    The one that let Negi summon and use all the artifacts of his partners. I would then form a pactio with everyone and their mother.
  5. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 341 Spoilers

    Setsuna is used to being a servant, so she's treating Asuna like royalty. Asuna of course gets embarrased and pissed.

    I can't wait for things to get a bit more serious so Asuna can share with us...
  6. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 337 Spoilers

    If it wasn't on a break we would probably have spoilers for 338 by now lol.
  7. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 337 Spoilers

    I've only seen one page and already I know this is the best ever chapter of Negima.
  8. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 337 Spoilers

    Is that...oh my.
  9. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 335 Spoilers

    I wonder how they can have children. The way they work they seem to be just another kind of life form, their main difference (besides racial differences) being that they can easily be erased by the...
  10. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 334 Spoilers

    While I agree with the general consensus that this chapter was weak and made a bad end for what has otherwise been the best arc in the manga, this chapter wasn't really the end of it. The arc ended...
  11. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 332 Spoilers

    What a damn teaser! Next chapter will either be all the magical energy gathered going out of control and behaving very crazily, or a short MotB vs Twilight Princess showdown.
  12. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 330 Spoiler Thread

    Negi is obviously going to have children with at least half his students, including wincest with Asuna.

    Chao was trolling.
  13. [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 330 Spoiler Thread

    Probably someone will have to take out the Lifemaker or whoever that is, because if he/she has access to that much magical energy he can probably construct them over and over again.

    My bet is that...
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 324 Spoilers

    If he/she/it (I'll use "he" from here on) escapes or is released from the seal and it comes to a fight, yes, I think the main character is likely to land the final blow. Unless he can be calmed and...
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 324 Spoilers

    Looks like the Mage of The Beginning is sealed (with a similar technique as Asuna was?) under the World Tree.
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    [Discussion] Re: What artifact would you choose

    She only has to know their names right? There are many ways to learn that, and she could be more subtle about it in conversation, saying "I'm Nodoka, what's your name?", for example.

    I agree that...
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 320 Spoilers

    That's because the old gateport they're going to use is connected to Mahora.
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 318 Discussion / 319 Predctions

    I haven't heard anything about this new sword, where did you get that information and how does she get it?

    Just how are KE using her to erase the magical illusion placed on Mars by the Mage of the...
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 318 Discussion / 319 Predctions

    On the topic of power levels, I wonder how powerful Asuna is and can become. She seems to have incredible control of and/or capacity for magical energies, as she has been used as a magical weapon for...
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 318 Spoilers

    What are those thoughts? Are there any translations out?
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    [Discussion] Re: What artifact would you choose

    But Nagi isn't or wasn't. Maybe the subject can be illusionary and still get an artifact card, if the mage giving it isn't illusionary.

    I would choose Yue or Nodoka's artifact, and use it in a...
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 316 Spoilers

    I doubt any race on Earth and the Magical World is capable of travelling between planets without the use of magical gates, or mechanical technology. Then again, someone had to have created the gates,...
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 268 Discussion Thread

    No way. Anyway, I thought this chapter was really good. We all know Arika won't die there though, because she hasn't had Negi yet, and they've yet to rescue Asuna.
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 468 Spoiler Discussion

    Well that sure wasn't Naruto. I got some other shit!
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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 304 Discussion/305 Prediction Thread

    The JIDE scan is out now. Each comet does indeed carry two robots and there are hundreds falling over Tokyo. If you look behind those closest on the page you'll see there are well over a hundred more...
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    Re: Naruto 460 Discussion/461 Predictions

    I wonder how the Raikage would counter something like Amaterasu. I guess he'll just be lightning fast and not let Sasuke use any doujutsus.
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    [Chapter] Re: Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 258 Discussion Thread

    If Rakan's and Fate's encounter turns into a fight of winner and loser, then Rakan is definitely going to lose. The magic world arc is moving into its final phase and Rakan has outlived his...
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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 302 Discussion/303 Prediction Thread

    He probably means Sebastian keeps pulling and stretching his face. This could mean he's interested in doing so because it's not his original body, and he wants to make Kikuchi (us) think of that...
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    [Shounen] Re: Claymore Hang-out Thread

    I want chapter 93 so damn much right now. :darn Anyone know when whatever magazine it's in will be released?
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