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    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Noblesse Chapter 352 Spoiler Thread (Delay extended for an unknown amount of time)

    Author need to see Frankenstein for Human Modification ASAP.

    Anyway get well soon.
  2. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 349 Discussion / 350 Predictions

    I don't think he is Clan Leader now. It feels like Soul Weapon possessed him by the look of his eyes. I think he will truly powerful since it is not like other, this is like burst from inside but it...
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    [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 95 Discussion / 96 Predictions ~ Head to Arts Section for The Breaker Arts Contest

    Story start to being loop. And it is boring. He should kill this skinhead dude at the second appearances this is the third time. And he is just some pawn.

    Shioon knew that he has been warned about...
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    [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 94 Discussion / 95 Predictions

    Story start to being loop. And it is boring.

    Shioon knew that he has been warned about cannot use ki and should be caution about it but then still insist to come to school. I know this would...
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