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  1. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump [2011] - Discussion and TOC Talk - Part 1

    Well bottom 5 is reasonable, Sengoku armors is fine, but can't see it to become anything big, since whole theme is overused (Sengoku), i'm still bit suprised about Torikos popularity, ive only read...
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    [Anime] Re: Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 8

    Well im looking forward to see next episode, 8 was quite good.
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    [Anime] Re: Nurarihyon no Mago Anime

    The show is going to be only 24 eps long? So i got question that is the, anime going to have diffrent ending than manga? Or just stop on 1 certain arc, last question how many arcs there is in the...
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    Re: Reborn 302 Spoiler Thread

    Well basically since yamamoto and Chrome are out. They will prolly get someone to fill them Squalo and maybe Fran (Since he haven't explained fully in the series).

    Also what comes to the shimon,...
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