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  1. Thread: PNG CRush

    by Lyfe004

    [Miscellaneous] PNG CRush


    I was wondering when is it an appropriate time to PNG crush the file? Should I do it before typesetting or after typesetting? or anytime I want after the cleaning??

    I just dont want to mess...
  2. Re: Strays: How We Learned To Stop Whining And Do Scanlations By Ourselves

    Hey Siedhr,

    I go by the name of Lyfe004 in Mangahelpers :smile-big and if you're still looking for typesetters I'd be glad to help. But be warned, I've never done this but I just got Photoshop CS2...
  3. [Miscellaneous] Re: How do I start becoming a Editor and a Typesetter

    alright thx ttxdragon. I'll try my best =)
  4. [Miscellaneous] How do I start becoming a Editor and a Typesetter

    Hey My MH names Lyfe004

    And I was wondering how do u start off as an editor and typesetter for mangas... Although I have thought about it and came up with my own way to edit and typeset but it...
  5. Replies

    Re: Eyeshield 21 ch196 Discussion Thread

    I have a question... is the christmas bowl also referred to as the Kantou tournament??? cause i've been reading eyesheild and i love it... but them using two names just makes me confused... i even...
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