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  1. [Discussion] Re: Popularity Problems: What is wrong with Yu Kanda?

    lolz i agree. girls do like him for the kanda x allen pairing. some girls like the lavi x kanda pairing....and some strange ones that i dare not to mention. >_>

    also the making fun of him part is...
  2. [Anime] Re: "Never ever every men on earth will ever end" [result]

    i only hear "never ever end"

    and "so far away" not "fly away".

    but i guess my reply was way too late since the offcial lyrics are out already. >_<
  3. [Anime] Re: DGM Anime EP13 Discussion

    Cross's coat is gold/yellow, because his rank is higher. The generals get the gold with black, while the exorcists get the silver (white) with black. The finders don't have the black coloured coat,...
  4. [Discussion] Re: Popularity Problems: What is wrong with Yu Kanda?

    i don't hate kanda, not at all.

    actually, i LIKE Kanda.

    I don't think he is arrogant from the day he was born. Something must have happened to him. Maybe it was linked with that certain...
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    Sticky: [Info] Re: Deviant Art Thread

    Hm..this is mine:

    Lolz I'm not sure if I'm good (I don't think so) but everyone, please take a look! ^^

    I think so. Added. ~ Ayah
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    [Discussion] Re: D. Gray Man 104 Predictions Thread

    I agree with the Crowley staying and fighting Jasdebi theory....I just hope it doesn't turn out to be like Kanda's fight though.

    I still don't think Kanda is dead. My guess at the end of this arc...
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    Re: TRC Sounds Like The Wizard Of Oz

    I don't think tsubasa is like wizard of oz. Sakura's main goal is not to get home. Also, in Tsubasa, sakura is in love with Syaoran and wants to save him, however, no where in oz did did it say that...
  8. [Society] Re: Korea and Middle East! How does the world view them?

    I am from Asia. In fact, I'm half Chinese and half korean. (Right now I attend school in the U.S.) The way most of the other parts of the world views korea is like "OMGOSH KOREA IS A LIKE A COUNTRY...
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    [Discussion] Re: D. Gray-Man 097 Predictions

    I predict that we will learn something about kanda's past in the next chapter. We saw Skin's (which i thought was very good), so we might as well see kanda's. I'm really interested in seeing his...
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    [Discussion] Re: D. Gray-Man chapter 95 Predictions

    Lolz. ^^ you guys are getting waaaayyy off topic. But since people already started this discussion, I guess I'll contribute too. The whole bandage thing with Kanda is quite obvious. The first...
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    [Discussion] Re: D. Gray-man 091 Discussion

    Oh well, crazy or dumb, Kanda is still very awesome.

    lolz, anyways...I can't wait till Kanda's fight. Size-wise, kanda is at some kind of disadvantage, but i guess kanda's sword skills can make...
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    [Discussion] Re: Favourite D.Gray-Man character?

    I love Kanda, Allen and Lavi.

    Eventhough Kanda tries to keep his stoic face on all the time to protect himself and try not to get hurt by being near someone, he still shows his soft side when it...
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    [Discussion] Re: D. Gray-man 091 Discussion

    Well, I bought the chinese version of that volume, and it said "dumbest --> smartest", not craziest. Lolz. Kanda is crazy, though. (I <3 Kanda!)

    That was quite an unexpected chapter! Can't wait...
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    [Discussion] Re: Why isn't D. Gray Man more popular?

    Hm...I guess the first reason is that D.Gray-man is still relatively new, compared to Naruto in America and Japan.

    Right now in Asia, mostly Japan, Korean, and China, D.Gray-man is ranked right...
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    [Discussion] Re: 10th augest is Rabi's birthday!!

    Happy bday rabi...^^

    I'm like...waaay too late right? (8/10 is also my birthday, lolz...except i'm younger than rabi~)
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    [Info] Re: D. Gray-man Anime Voice Cast

    The voice actors seem to fit very well. But heh, I though Paku Romi (Ed from FMA) would voice Allen. But then again, the voice of Touya from Hikaru no go fit Allen very well too.

    Linali has a...
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    [Discussion] Re: D.Gray Man 088 Discussion

    Woah another chapter! Allen finally joins the battle. xD

    Yea, agree with des, theses chapters do seem like the "final battle" type of thing. But the again, it is also possible that Allen and the...
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    Re: D.Gray-Man Art thread

    I saw those on DA too! They're awesome!

    I loved the DGM wallpaper with allen in the stiped shirt. Cuteness!

    If anyone's interested, here is my fanart:...
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    Re: Post-Timeskip Outfits...Yay or Nay?

    For the most part, the outfits are cool.

    I'm stuck between Naruto's new jacket and the old jacket. The new jacket makes him look more mature, but the old jacket was soooo adorable!

    Sakura and...
  20. [Discussion] Re: Who's the most attractive character in Naruto to you?

    Most attractive characters?

    Well, the most attractive (look-wise and personality-wise) female characters in Naruto would be Temari. Then, maybe, look-wise, Sakura. (she's not my favourite...
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    [Discussion] Re: D.Gray-Man 083 Discussion

    Yea I agree! Well, maybe not every week, but it certainly changes. Like the way she draws the character's nose changed. In the 1 volume it looked different. Also, the colouring style.

    I like the...
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