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    [Miscellaneous] Re: LCD calibration?

    Actually, you don't need a program to do that. Not to mention, it's better overall if you manually adjust the settings on your LCD yourself to get the best image.
    There's several web-based...
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    [Done] TL check: Nana to Kaoru ch19

    This translation is from Ladholyman. He's not too confident, so we'd like it if someone(s) could double check it for us. Any help is appreciated!

    N2K 19

    Title Page

    Title: Chapter 19
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    [Music] Re: Favorite Techno Artists


    His solo stuff, and the albums done with Digweed are phenomenal. I too love that Kernkraft single, especially the live mix. The thousand strong chorus is just powerful. ;)

    Sadly, I'm...
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    [Anime] Re: Nodame Cantabile (Anime/Drama)

    Big thumbs up to all of it.
    I actually watched the Nodame anime well before discovering the manga. However, I have to say that overall, this is one of the series that truely shines with synergy...
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    [Discussion] Re: What is the difference from American comics?

    Having been an avid comic reader since I was just a tiny little boy, I have to say that the main difference between American and Japanese comics is simply the culture. When I was a child, there was a...
  6. [Discussion] Re: About multiple scanlations for a single series...

    Just figured I'd add my own $0.02 to this discussion.
    One of the main things that got me involved in the scanlation world was the serious lack of quality I was seeing in the manga I liked. In my...
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