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    [Databook II] Re: Databook 2 - Rock Lee

    No, in the top right part of the first page, under the title name it is indicated "Chunnin" or this is incorrect ;)
    However the raw is correctly indicating "Gennin".
  2. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Alright I'll do this and I hope that soon I will no more bother you with proofreading.
  3. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Allllright for the ○. To speak frankly I haven't begin to translate this part but I saw the ○ so I asked in prevision but if I had more attention maybe I notice the censored ジャンプ. Nevermind, let's...
  4. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    "キャ !!"
    *Hide himself behind some wall*

    Tnaks for the compliments but I'm not going to lie to you, sometimes I must pick up my dictionary to be sure of my...
  5. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    How funny I was just talking to a friend about the fact that I abuse of your precious time with my probelms and in return I just translate in my french corner alone, fora few people at last. It's not...
  6. Replies

    Re: My shot at Naruto 299

    Good job Terra, keep on to translate all the chapter (well I say that but I think I'm at the same level like you in translation)

    By the way, is somebody know what does it mean when something is...
  7. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Thnaks a lot Iwanin and Njt, unlike me you are trully a translator but I keep on working.

    Why are the authors so bad with us to wrote hiragana instead of Knaji to make us difficult to understand...
  8. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Alright then you can have a download from the raw of this chapter here and you can have a little review of the manga here.
  9. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Okayyyy that you think "オタクなわけ" and "じゃない" are not connected. So it means that Oono (long black haired one) is not talking to Saki (qhite haired one) as I thinked but still speaking about Ogiue...
  10. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Haaaa it make sense because the white haired one (Saki) is not an Otaku at all (she's just here to hang out with his Otaku's boyfriend and... kick some Otaku's ass sometimes :p)

    To replace in the...
  11. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Ok thanks then I think that I'm going to ask you a little again. But don't think that I'm going to ask for each sentence, there's no point for not doing it by myself first. I'll try to ask when I...
  12. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Super thanks I understand the sentence a bit more now ^^.

    Thanks for luck too, I don't know if you think it's an hard text to translate when you read at those three pages but for me it's really a...
  13. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Err by the way can anybody help me to traduce ズッポリハマ from the sentence むちろそこでズッポリハマちゃったって方が自然じゃないですか ? (first page that I had uploaded).

    Thanks a lot for responding.
  14. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Well from the WWWJDIC I was having this :

    オナニー (de:) (n) (X) (col) masturbation; onanism (de: Onanie)

    So I was just thinking that the X as the main sense of the word.


  15. Re: Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Thank you thank you thank you :smile-big

    オナニ so this is how they say X-rated mmmh, I've learn one more word, thank to you. To replace in the context, the long black haired wanted to prove that the...
  16. Problems with some ピーーーーーーーー

    Hello minna !

    The newbie translator like I am require some help to translate one thing that I couldn't because of my lack of japonese culture/language.

    Please at the three images bellow (from...
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