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    Re: Jak Shadwin's attempt at Editing 002

    Thanks for the feed back. And unfortunatly most of the stuff you pointed out I couldn't figure out how to fix. :darn

    Also I'm useing GIMP so the screen shot you gave me isn't treibly useful for me...
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    Jak Shadwin's attempt at Editing 002
  3. Sticky: [Miscellaneous] Re: Free Software

    Thanks for the info. Like I said I'm no guru but I've messed about with both a little and GIMP looked just as good to me, thanks for the confirmation. I only metioned it so that people would be aware...
  4. Sticky: [Miscellaneous] Free Editing Software Recommendations/Photoshop Alternatives

    I'm not sure if anyone here has heard of this but there is a freeware program that is pretty much identical in application to Photoshop called GIMP. Its avalible for download at I just...
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