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    [Shounen] Re: Ga-Rei

    I'm reading it as well. I think it's awesome, but when I tried to describe it to my friend, it sounded exactly like bleach.

    "So there's this guy... who can see ghosts and one day he gets rescued...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 291 Predictions

    The first thing that came to mind was Ichigo's mother... They are somewhat similar in appearance, and Rukia said in volume 1 that when hollows devour souls they become hollows too, right? Does this...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: How many chapters are left?

    Oh yeah good point. Forgot about that.
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: How many chapters are left?

    If he said that in an interview than I guess there isn't much time left... Like someone else said, Naruto isn't like One Piece. What appears to be the big conflict in One Piece (Blackbeard storyline)...
  5. [Discussion] Re: Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Predictions!

    I think Tobi, Sasuke and Naruto will be in the top 5. Actually Tobi might not be since the poll was some time ago (right?)
    Akatsuki leader might be somewhat high, although maybe not since people...
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    [Games] Re: One Piece Unlimited Adventure

    This looks pretty fun... too bad I can't play region NTSC-J on my US Wii without modding it >_>

    Anyone know if a Freeloader is going to be released for Wii? It looks doubtful since the Wii doesn't...
  7. Re: CROSS EPOCH - Akira Toriyama X Eiichiro Oda

    It's awesome enough to be it's own series xDD

    Sadly it's a one-shot, thus it only has a fluffy story. Still cool though.

    Anyone know how recent this is? I see Eiichiro Oda is using his newer...
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    Re: the 3rd mangekyou sharingan user is......

    That is a really good point. Even if they were in the middle of the mission, they probably would have come back to get the body (although I believe it wasn't within the borders of the the Land of...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 287 Predictions

    I don't think Ichigo can really fight another Espada... We haven't seen the Vizards in a while though, maybe they'll come to the rescue? We saw all the collapsed bodies of Ichigo's friends this...
  10. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 442 Predictions

    I don't think the next chapter will have much to do with those two. We probably won't find out what really happened to them until later, but I have a feeling Ace lost. After all, it talks about some...
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    [Chapter] Re: 290 Discussions (Translations out)

    Lol nice thingy with Admiral Ackbar xD. An interesting and insightful prediction, but it's all based on the premise that Yamato couldn't have released the seal on Kabuto's memory. I, however believe...
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    [Chapter] Re: 290 Discussions (Translations out)

    I think that Kabuto really is a spy for the Akatsuki. I have a feeling he'll die... Probably because Orochimaru's face on the double page spread really creeped me out. However, since Kabuto was in...
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