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    Re: All Purpose Sig Contest Discussion Thread 2009

    LMAO old, but oh well. Thanks. And a late congratulations from me to you. ^^
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    Re: All Purpose Sig Contest Discussion Thread 2009

    Well I hope it's right to ask questions here. I was just wondering about something relating to "Old Age".

    So if you said by Old Age, can we think of it as... vintage? It's not necessarily a...
  3. [Discussion] Re: The "How Much Time Do You Spend on the Computer" Thread

    It really depends. I'm at school right now during lunchtime. xD Usually around 2 hours during weekdays and 10 times more than that during the weekends. It's an addictive and unhealthy habit. D:
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    Sticky: Re: How did you get your username?

    I really like internet aliases that have a C, and when I was thinking of a good alias, I thought of Clone, and it sounded so spiffy, so I was all... *uses*
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    [Software] Re: What Softwares you have in your PC/Laptop?

    Avira is my anti-virus and Windows Firewall is my well... firewall. xD My other softwares are

    - Microsoft Office (the entire shebang)
    - Windows Live Messenger
    - Y!IM
    - Photoshop CS3
    - Mozilla...
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    [Other] Re: Things people find weird about you!

    - I am more scared of snakes rather than spiders, public speaking and heights combined. It's quite weird, considering that people generally are more shitscared of spiders or public speaking than...
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    [Travel] Re: Travel to Japan

    Yeah, I asked my friend, and she told me that bullet train is the main form of transport that they used (and also walking). I can go look for hotels in Japan. ^^ Also, it can get VERY hot during...
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    [Travel] Re: Travel to Japan

    I haven't been to Japan never ever ever, though I may be able to help you because we did some kind of unit on it. Akihabara which is an area in Tokyo, is like the 'Otaku Area' because that's where...
  9. [Society] Re: Woman illegally downloads 24 songs, fined for 1.9 million dollars

    OK, well this is utter bullcrap. It's unjustified and ridiculous, I mean 80 000 bucks for song? The company is the one doing the thievery here, not the woman. Anyone of course would think that 80 000...
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    Re: Answer the Question with a Question! (v2) - Part 2

    Probably they can do anything? ._O
  11. [Discussion] Re: Can you guys read a manga knowing basics of Japanese??!

    I've been studying Japanese for three years and yet I still cannot read one manga page without any help. And besides, if you were to stop and analyse and translate each and every kanji in your mind,...
  12. [Other] Re: If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

    I really would want to control the elements, fire, air, earth and water. It's just one of my unachievable dreams. :D
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    [Life] Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. The reason this is only 25 is because I don't tell everything about myself to anyone. It adds to the mystique, for some bizarre reason. Another reason is because... I get mindblanks if I talk...
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    Re: Introduction Thread - Part 2

    Hey everyone. The name's Clone, though I might be known as crepuscule from other places. Anyway, hello to MangaHelpers! I came from hell... I MEAN AUSTRALIA (people say that I'm just so evil I must...
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