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    Sticky: [Fan Art] Re: The Naruto Fanart Thread

    Just recently drew this for a friend:
  2. Replies

    [Art] Re: Reborn signatures and avatars

    i like 1,2, and 4. 2 would look very awesome with a border like 1
  3. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    good luck babby :(
    dont be in such a rush to answer or else you might regret it! know what i mean >_>

    i know what you mean...i dont want you to end up the same way i did.
  4. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    is she being perfect for you? if shes being perfect for you then i dont find anything wrong. that means she loves you that much. and trust ones perfect. if you know her well enough there...
  5. [Life] Re: Ask the Opposite Gender

    yea but what if you were the one that broke up with her and she still had feelings towards you and she knows you hang with your ex's and what nots.
    she has no right?
  6. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    lol i wanted that to happen but its not happening for me =P
    arnt you afraid of that? since yours isnt as far yet as to be called an end, you should be scared he wouldnt contact you though. :o
  7. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    "i can be a friend among your many friends but i understand a gf holds a more special meaning. i want that part." =P
    hows that sound?
  8. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    :o so your the type that says it all?
    haha, im both =P
  9. Poll: Re: [SUBMISSIONS] B&W Fan Art of the Month - October/November

    rexeren's art is so good @_@
    lsdjglakdsjglskdjg is there a noob B/W fanart contest? lol :P
  10. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    haha sorry i was confusing myself that i notice i said it wrong xD
    uhhm...yea, your scared of his rejection. that he wont accept what you want your relationship to be again. it would just break your...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 522 Discussion/523 Predictions

    niiiiiiiice. pirate queen. Lol though i doubt it since luffy loves food more than anything >_>
    but just might work if he doesnt see any other women besides her =P
  12. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤ kinda did...because it sounded like he wanted to go further with you in the beg.
    its not being a coward...=/
    i sometimes end up the one having to talk first. it just means you care for...
  13. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    you should know him very well to foretell his answer. babby what would you really say? ):
  14. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    i dont think he wants to hear that @_@
    i think you'd get nowhere....prob same place with that answer...
  15. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 522 Discussion/523 Predictions

    uhh...i think its only gonna be hebihime. iuno bout the 2 sisters...her charm thingy didnt work on who says it would affect on later and more stronger crews that lies ahead? They would...
  16. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    I think your in love...cant you admit least?
    if you dont think it is then...............................................................................................................=///...
  17. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    That must've hurt his feelings. I know i would've been...babby are you afraid to be commited? Or just think its not the time yet? When would you think you would want a relationship then?
    Might want...
  18. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    aww babby :(
    i'd hug you if i can
    so he didnt hear the answer he wanted and just flicked you off in the end? =/ he still talking to you?
    what do you mean are we calculating like that? the...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: HebiHime New Strawhat Crew?

    Lol well, we havnt even seen any romance in this series so i doubt that. I suspect she will be exactly like Sanji!
  20. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] HebiHime New Strawhat Crew?

    HebiHime New Strawhat Crew? What do you think?
    Lol i mean, the disease she has is love sickness and she said she would follow Luffy if that is what he wants. Plus, shes strong. 80mil on her head....
  21. [Life] Re: ❤ The Hate Thread ❤

    isnt it just a way to describe your feelings of more then like/like a lot?
    unless your saying your parents and lover only "like" you
    does "like" not exist also then? O_o
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    [Archived] Re: The Hangout Thread v.12 grandma just passes away, then right after i broke up with my can i not feel like i feel now @_@
    also the fact that i know im failing some classes...
  23. Replies

    [Archived] Re: The Hangout Thread v.12

    my life is a failure!!!! :(
    i feel so depressed and unmotivated. and i have no money to do anything lol
  24. Re: All Purpose Sig Contest Discussion Thread 2008

    hmmm magic...
  25. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    aww...but ppl like me like to be commited D:
  26. Re: All Purpose Sig Contest Discussion Thread 2008

    guess shes really busy o_o
  27. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    true...but im confused as to when you said about introductions as a gf lol. so he didnt say anything about introducing you right? your just asking a question as to if your fair or unfair. it depends...
  28. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    Then you guys are just very close friends. As what im seeing now...the problem is what is he thinking you guys are sharing? If hes thinking like you then hes confused btwn love and Very close...
  29. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    Hmm...does he know that you think this way of him? Because the way i see it you guys are at a very good stage for a relationship. Trust. Thats a good thing and very important. But it seems you dont...
  30. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    maybe hes having it wrong then. if you dont want to be a gf/bf then what do you want to be? you dont want to claim the man yours?
  31. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    Well, does he want to introduce you to his family? Then i'd agree with your friend D:
    I dont think it would do you any harm to be introduced. Is it that of a big deal? The guy loves you so he wants...
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    [Archived] Re: The Member Picture Discussion Thread

    woow you can actually tell the difference btwn pepsi and coke lol
    i havnt drank those in years :s
  33. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    Thanks goldb. cept the problem is...that was his second chance. Now that were broken, i told him i dont know if i'd give him a 3rd. I mean, i dont give guys 2nd chances, but i did to him. If were not...
  34. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    Well i havnt contacted him. But how long do you suppose i should leave things as is? Its just going to be walking seperate paths from now on then. Because i keep thinking he wont contact me and might...
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    [Archived] Re: The Hangout Thread v.12

    Well im at a city right now and i plan to transfer...i thought maybe next year would be a good time. But not sure yet.
  36. Replies

    [Archived] Re: The Hangout Thread v.12

    im 18 almost 19 =)
    and uhhh..............................i want money :(
    im seriously broke lol
    i dont like working as a front desk type of person or a manager type...
    i want an easy job! grrrr!...
  37. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    It just happened last week babby. You think its best if i dont think that he would contact me at all? :o
  38. Replies

    [Archived] Re: The Hangout Thread v.12

    hmmm what should i do nowadays...i dont know what to do =/
    need a job to keep me goin >_>
  39. Replies

    Re: Tsunade fanart

    thats your first attempt?
    nice man. good work :thumbs
  40. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    He said "if you want it to then yes" and then we talked and talked and cause i dont believe that he would actually say that...and then we got nowhere talking and then it kinda just ended. I said...
  41. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    but its over babby =( i dont know what to do now
  42. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    Actually i been telling him that forever that i want him more then a friend. I've told him everything i've felt, everything i've wanted to say and has said on my previous post. Now what should i do?...
  43. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤

    I really love the guy...but he tells me because i talk like a dude and talks to him like a friend that he doesnt know if he sees me as a gf or just a friend. I mean i cant just change the way i...
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    [Discussion] Re: Hunter x Hunter by Togashi Yoshihiro

  45. Replies

    Re: kakashi makes a dying wish

    lol i didnt even see that part yet but damn. nice coloring btw.
  46. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 521 Discussion/522 Predictions

    They will mention the execution of Ace. Luffy will head there with the pretty lady (forgot their names) and try to stop it. Chaos erupts. I think all of the pirate members will gather there at the...
  47. [Life] Re: Ask the Opposite Gender

    question for the guys.
    do you befriend your ex's? doesnt your current gf disagree to that? calling your ex's from time to time.
    you think your gf has the right to get mad at you over...
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    Re: How were you introduced to One Piece?

    Was bored. At first i thought it was a random anime with ugly drawings and everything but my sister watched it so much and kept telling me that i should watch it that i got curious. After leaving it...
  49. [Life] Re: ❤ The Romance Thread ❤ guys...or girls can answer too but uhh...

    1) do girls give 3rd chances to the same guy? i mean...if they werent compatible the 1st and 2nd time what makes a 3rd?

    2) would you stay in...
  50. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Hunter x Hunter by Togashi Yoshihiro

    lol the more you'd wanna read it! xD
    just hope they continue with it =]
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