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    [Discussion] Re: Your Favorite FOOD? Etc.

    Oh I hate pizza with onion. I prefer pizza without toppings. The dough only, with tomato puree and cheese and oregano and tabasco. Yummy.
  2. [Other] Re: If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

    Power to hack just by looking at the monitor, then change anything that I want.
    Plus the power to see what you guys do in front of your PC.
    Yeah I am a stalker!
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    Sticky: Re: 666 Satan or Naruto?

    I prefer Naruto than 666satan. I think the 666's mangaka is too pervert. Too much stupid lookin babes with abnormal figures. Yea... and I prefer the babes in Naruto. Honesty I didn't like 666. :darn
  4. [Shounen] Re: .Hack//GU

    I hope that anyone could upload any .hack chapters here...because I cant use mIRC.
  5. [Shounen] Re: Beet the Vandal Buster

    I've tried downloading the v5-11. I think the v5-9 links are expired. And the v10-11 file is corrupt. I hope you can do sth. Thanks a lot for v1-4.XD Thanx! :tem
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