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    [Discussion] Re: Part 1 Mechanics in Part 2 Naruto

    Part one imo was simply the introduction and touching on the back story with the current situation. All the jutsu, characters, and events were all a tease for part 2 which is where i think kishi...
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    Poll: [Question] Re: What are Hagoromo and Kaguya?

    She may be "from the otherside" similiar to Father from fma. Possibly over the duration of wars a sacrifice was made or a ritual performed and the "exchange" took place forming her existence to save...
  3. [Theory] Re: WMG: The true origin of the Mokuton is not Hashirama, beware of the future!

    I also believe Hashiramaʻs power with mokuton stem from the God Tree and also Madaraʻs sharingan from the same source albiet from the bloomed "eye" of the tree. Two powers of the same source the two...
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