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    [Anime] Re: Darker than Black

    Hey I've started to watch Darker than Black I think that ( although I'm only on episode 5) it is SO good I love the whole superhuman thing it rocks!
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    [Shounen] Re: Darren Shan, Anyone?

    Darren Shan is like one of my fav writers, hes a cool first person writer,ive read most of the Darren saga but i like the most the demonata series they are the best im waiting for the next book after...
  3. Poll: [Favorites] Re: Who's your favorite Naruto character?

    thank you for answering my post, this is cool, i agree all the characters are cool! but who is yu fav girl character? i like Tsunde and sakura though i think that all the girls are kinda cool
  4. [Info] Re: [Request] What anime is this?

    Sorry ive never see it its kinda a cool pic though
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    [Anime] Re: Darker than Black

    It sounds cool, ive never heard of it, that type of anime is my favourite. if youve seen it what would you rate it?
  6. Poll: [Favorites] Who's your favourite character?

    Erm. I'm new to this I don't really know what to do but still. Anyway, mine's either Naruto or Sasuke. Naruto's so coll, he never gives up and he is cute too!:p Sasuke is powerful and mysterious,...
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