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  1. [Games] Re: Bleach soul carnival 2 and Torosaki !!!

    Well Actually the theme of the game drags me to play the game on and on, so this is only reason that I am game addicted person. I know it is really great fun thats why I have the copy of PSP, X-Box...
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    [Games] Re: Bleach Soul Carnival for PSP

    This is really a great game, I love to play this because I have never get this kind of fun ever in my life. Awesome game with the amazing creativity. I have to appreciate the developer for making...
  3. [Games] Re: RPG maker Fan-made-game One Piece Nakama intro [German]

    According to me if you loose fear of death in the game then you can play with the amazing effciency in there and thats why I have completed almost all the stages in the master category. So this is my...
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    Poll: [Games] Re: Bleach Heat the Soul 7

    Well this is really nice game but at the same time little puzzle type so you have to use your mind to complete the stage. So the game is the mixture of the war and the Logic, the game is not easy as...
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