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    Sticky: [Help] Re: [JP] The Official Kanji Ask-for-Help Thread

    Can't read this kanji, scans are kind of LQ.


    Thanks for your help!
  2. [Done] JP 「どこか。。。憎み倒せないものが残るあの人が 本当最悪に憎い!!」

    Midway through the page, the following text:
    「どこか。。。憎み倒せないものが残るあの人が 本当最悪に憎い!!」

    I don't really get this sentence. It seems like...
  3. [Done] Re: Help with JP 「完全にドーコーがーっ」

    Awesome! Thanks mikkih. What about the 開いてた part?

    Incidentally, they're not related. Wiki says they pretend to be in order to live together but are not actually related.
  4. [Done] Re: Help with JP 「完全にドーコーがーっ」

    Thanks for your response!

    Hm, if the ドーコー is indeed 動向, then could it be that she means that his attitude is completely [different than before], supporting her argument that he was hallucinating?...
  5. [Done] Help with JP 「完全にドーコーがーっ」


    I am stuck on two lines of a manga I have not translated before, so there may be some catchphrases or tropes in here I'm not aware of. Here is what I don't understand:

  6. [Done] Re: Help with JP 「ちゅーとんのがわからんのか?!」

    Ah, okay. She doesn't normally speak Kansai-ben but come to think of it, she does seem to slip into it when angry. Thanks guys.
  7. [Done] Re: Help with JP 「ちゅーとんのがわからんのか?!」

    I hadn't thought of chuuto, in that case maybe she is saying, "Don't you understand (you're putting me in) the middle?!"

    It is almost certainly not "chuu" as in kiss, as it's not that kind of...
  8. [Done] Help with JP 「ちゅーとんのがわからんのか?!」

    The line I am having trouble with comes from a character who is finally yelling at two other characters (guy & girl) who always drag her into their arguments.

    Her outburst starts with:...
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    [Done] Re: [Help] Sentence w/ phrase "車代はしょぼい"

    PERFECT! That fits the story exactly. They do work together. I didn't know what carfare was exactly so your explanation helps a LOT. Thanks very much!
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    [Done] Sentence w/ phrase "車代はしょぼい"

    Hello all,

    I am stuck on the following sentence:

    この頃 毎日 帰宅が明け方 そのくせ 車代はしょぼいし。

    The panel shows the speaker and her husband walking home in the dark. I feel like she is probably saying that...
  11. [Done] [JP] Help with expression 「しかしもかかしもない」

    Hello, this phrase has me stumped. Usually I can at least figure out the word roots, but here I'm not really sure- is it something about a prostitute and a scarecrow? o.o

    Based on the context of...
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