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    Re: Your Favorite Secondary Characters

    Most of the manga and anime that I read, has pretty much lame and stereotype lead characters except some.

    Hinagiku-sama and A~chan from Hayate the Combat Butler
    Both charas exceed the popularity...
  2. [Discussion] Re: Do You Get Flak For Being A Fan of Anime/Manga?

    I don't think it is a really much of a big problem for me, since I am just changing from a geek that love novels and books and spend most of my times in my room and library to

    an otaku that love...
  3. Replies

    [Theory] Re: Riful-doll theory

    Riful and Duff's baby theory? Meh...... don't think so....

    In the first place.... when did Duff ever die?

    That thing that fight Prisscilla is actually Duff wearing Riful's skin. The thing's...
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